Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First sketch post

But what's the point?
I do this all the time. I started thinking about why I bother doing an art blog when I've already got a deviant art page up where I can post my crap and talk about it.

Then this blog made me do this sketch, and I changed my mind.

It felt good to just feel free to doodle whatever the hell I want without the pressure of watchers thinking, "Well, this isn't your usual stuff" or it not being good enough or something. That was probably a 10 minute Photoshop doodle. I kind of like it.

So that picture just saved this fresh new blog from being aborted. Thank you.

I wish I'd scanned or taken a picture of my project for 2D art class... I got an A on it, and now she's going to display it along with everyone else's work in the art building hallway. Hopefully I'll catch a picture of it and post it up here, because it can be one of those cool things I talk about all art-like and stuff, like in critique today.

Oh, today was just tops.

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