Monday, October 15, 2007

Wires make me emo

I officially hate wire.

Today in 3D Art we worked with chicken wire (for building a frame structure) and plaster (for laying over the structure), an my arms were just being torn to bits by the stupid wire. This isn't the first time we worked with wire before either. A few weeks ago we worked with bailing wire and tape to create the hollow structure/frame of a hand, and that gave me quite a few scratches, but THIS... this chicken wire is worse. The edges are way sharper, and if you merely brush across it you end up with a lot of little tiny pink lines in your skin. Yea, it sucks.

I got an 'A' on my wire hand, though :D

I completely look like I went S.I. on myself, the little scratches are all over my arms and wrists and they itch to no end.

On the bright side, I met with Sofian today! He is going to help me with my French conversation while I help him with his English conversation. He's nice :]

Oh, and I know it looks like I'm only putting up 10 minute crapathon sketches right now, but eventually (when I stop being lazy about scanning) I'll put up some better things. I'll do massive uploading sessions because I have to plug my laptop into another station to scan, but it'll be worth it! I am infinitesimally better at pencil/paper drawings than digital, at least when it comes to line art. You'll see what I mean.

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ovolon said...

Ugh, making chicken wire frames are so freaking annoying, all those damn cuts!