Friday, October 26, 2007

California Fires.

I just realized something.

Here in California we've got this wicked raging firestorm going on, right?
Hundreds of homes damaged or gone, hundreds of people left without a home.
Most of the evacuated folk are safe inside gyms and other large places, and are being taken care of with lots of food and visits from the Governator and the President.

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina?
Thousands of homes damaged or gone, thousands of people left dead and even more left without a home.
Most of the survivors are still living in temporary bungalow homes, and don't have the heaping piles of food that the evacuated Californians do. It took several weeks for the government to even respond to this crisis, which had a greater impact than these firestorms.

What's up with that?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Scan, no edits

His voice was strained and shaking, each note that limped through the air found its way to my ear and I shuddered. It was painful to listen to, and I didn't stop him. I shut my eyes and let my senses be grated by his singing. It was imperfect, like the soft, straining hands of an infant reaching out, shaking, to touch...

Don't misunderstand
You are no concern of mine
But if you're free sometime
And you need some time
With me some time
To hold your hand, then I'll...
I will understand.
-Grady Tate, "Dont Misunderstand"-

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'd like to pick your brain

A good woman will pick you apart
A box full of suggestions for your possible heart
But you may be offended, and you may be afraid
But don't walk away, don't walk away...
-Bright Eyes, "Land Locked Blues"-

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wires make me emo

I officially hate wire.

Today in 3D Art we worked with chicken wire (for building a frame structure) and plaster (for laying over the structure), an my arms were just being torn to bits by the stupid wire. This isn't the first time we worked with wire before either. A few weeks ago we worked with bailing wire and tape to create the hollow structure/frame of a hand, and that gave me quite a few scratches, but THIS... this chicken wire is worse. The edges are way sharper, and if you merely brush across it you end up with a lot of little tiny pink lines in your skin. Yea, it sucks.

I got an 'A' on my wire hand, though :D

I completely look like I went S.I. on myself, the little scratches are all over my arms and wrists and they itch to no end.

On the bright side, I met with Sofian today! He is going to help me with my French conversation while I help him with his English conversation. He's nice :]

Oh, and I know it looks like I'm only putting up 10 minute crapathon sketches right now, but eventually (when I stop being lazy about scanning) I'll put up some better things. I'll do massive uploading sessions because I have to plug my laptop into another station to scan, but it'll be worth it! I am infinitesimally better at pencil/paper drawings than digital, at least when it comes to line art. You'll see what I mean.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Une vie!

Lately I've been running into a lot of people my age who "resign" to the "fact" that they're not going to live past the age of thirty. Whether it be by use (or misuse) of substances or people, I don't know, but I've always found it strange. On the one hand, I say okay, sure, it's your choice I guess. But on the other hand, I'm thinking... are you mad?!

I, for one, want to live a long and prosperous life (all right Trekkies, do your thing). There are so many things I want to do and accomplish in my lifetime, including (but not limited to) becoming a great artist, getting my pilot's license, joining the Peace Corps, travelling the world, making friends, serving God, etc. If I happen to fall in love, get married and have children, well, those're just perks of the journey, aye? In my eyes, things like love sort of just happen, and best happen when you least expect it. Besides, getting my pilot's license is a much more attainable goal than finding "The One" XD

So go on, you angsty late-teens on the cusp of life! I dare you to live, really live without excessive drugs or alcohol or sex. I dare you to slow down and just take in the world with all senses, and take it for what it is. Who knows, you might just like it.

As for me, well... I'll see you up in the skies.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting used to this

Sometimes, it's hard to believe.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First sketch post

But what's the point?
I do this all the time. I started thinking about why I bother doing an art blog when I've already got a deviant art page up where I can post my crap and talk about it.

Then this blog made me do this sketch, and I changed my mind.

It felt good to just feel free to doodle whatever the hell I want without the pressure of watchers thinking, "Well, this isn't your usual stuff" or it not being good enough or something. That was probably a 10 minute Photoshop doodle. I kind of like it.

So that picture just saved this fresh new blog from being aborted. Thank you.

I wish I'd scanned or taken a picture of my project for 2D art class... I got an A on it, and now she's going to display it along with everyone else's work in the art building hallway. Hopefully I'll catch a picture of it and post it up here, because it can be one of those cool things I talk about all art-like and stuff, like in critique today.

Oh, today was just tops.

Monday, October 8, 2007

A new beginning

Luck of lucks, I thought to myself, class is cancelled! Thank God for it, too... after that fallen paper tower project in 3D art class I thought I wouldn't be able to bear the rest of the day. I could have gone home early from school, but I realized that I had some studying to catch up on for my cancelled class, so I did. The library can be a very fun place.

Why, a few weeks ago I was at the library sitting in a comfy blue chair right next to another comfy blue chair occupied by a sleeping guy. In his lap he had a really thick text open, and there was a very troubled look upon his face, not the kind you'd expect from someone who's sleeping. I felt sorry for him, so I wrote him a note that said "Good luck with whatever it is you're studying. Best wishes, cheers!" And left it beside him before he woke up. It made me feel happy.

I had a similar experience today. After my library run I sat on a stone bench in front of Jody Maroni's to read... I only sat there because I loved the smell of their food. After a while a tall, black man on a cell phone came to sit next to me. He looked extremely busy: on his phone, struggling to pull out some folders and a laptop. A gust of wind swept by and sent his documents flying across the small, shrub-covered hill behind the bench. I immediately stopped, marked my page and reached over, but he said, "No no honey, don't sacrifice y'self! Don't sacrifice y'self, I'll get it!"
I was hesitant. Could he really? He had two of the documents already, it was just that last one left, just a little out of reach. The corner of the page curled and flapped dangerously in the wind, so I said, "It's okay, really!" And stepped into the shrubbery to fish it out. I heard him speak into his phone, "Aw, aw no way! She my hero! Nah nah, this little girl got my paper and she's my hero! Thank you, thank you so much! That's the most important one too, wow! My hero!"

All right, so maybe he was just saying that for saying's sake, but... I swell up at the thought of being a hero.

I've had several blogs before, mostly for the sake of having a blog. I currently keep one on Myspace, but really, people only blog on Myspace for the attention (so I put the attention-getters up there). I do have a Vox page which I do not use anymore simply because I don't know what to do with it. Call me fickle, but here's a fresh start. I have sort of a purpose in mind for this one.

This is going to be my art/sketch blog / blog for things I wouldn't want so many people to read about. Like that incident with the flying documents? I wanted to write about that just because it made me feel good. Other people wouldn't understand that. Many of them would probably think I was showing off my deeds or whatever.

I'll try to post a new piece of art or sketch at least every week. Once I get into the full swing of things, I might even make it every two days. Until then, au revoir!