Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Start of a new semester

Well, I'm back to school now! Just got through the third day.
It's been good so far... things only sucked because of the pain that still lingers in my mouth from the wisdom teeth surgery.

Classes-wise, things are GREAT!
On Mondays and Wednesdays I have Foundation Drawing, Fundamentals of Chinese, and Asian Art Early Sacred Culture. Yea, something art, something Asian, then something art AND Asian :P Drawing class is gonna be fun... hell, it already IS fun. Today wa the first day we actually did stuff... we did blind contour drawings of our hands, and now we're working on lineart of our hands holding dead leaves. As excited as I am for this class, I'm also pretty nervous... I could tell all of the projects she assigned us are going to take a VERY long time, and honestly, I'm afraid of my own impatience. I'm afraid that I'll get frustrated with myself and just quit - or worse - half-ass the rest of the way. Well... here's to hoping I get through this, aye?

Since I'm only going to post finished pieces in my deviantArt gallery, I'll be posting some of the other things like sketches and blind contour drawings (those things are hilarious) here. Here's to hoping I don't slack on that! XD

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Astronomy and Philosophy. Tuesdays I have my Astronomy lab, which leaves a nice 3-hour gap on Thursdays - with which I'll fill with friendy hangout time, of course.

I'm pretty confident that the rest of this semester will go well.
In five more weeks I'll have fully recovered, and I'll start taking capoeira again.
I have a 100-page sketchbook that I'm going to fill up by drawing in it every single day.
My hope is that, when anybody looks through the finished product, they'll be able to tell me how much I improved.


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