Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hello, Mr. Moon

I had a strange dream last night.
Most of my strangest and most memorable dreams come in the form of stories... they seem to follow a pseudo-plot, complete with characters and events and things. I'll recount the dream in italics and continue my own commentary afterward in normal text.

In the dream, there is a field I always play in at night. Some nights I run around, relishing my own loneliness in the moonlight, and some nights I settle for staring up at the bright moon. One particular night I explore far enough to discover that my pasture comes to a halt at a cliff. Just a few feet away from the cliff's edge floats a greyish-purple metallic platform. It looks old and rusty, as though it hadn't been touched in a while despite looking so obvious out in the open. Out of nowhere I hear a voice say, "The moon likes to be greeted."

Looking up at the moon, I smile, recognizing and basking in its beauty.
"Hello, Mr. Moon," I say.

At once the platform lights up and a staircase shoots up from it to the sky. Excited, I hop onto the platform and carefully make my way up the staircase. It leads to the moon... at the bottom of the moon there seems to be a lighted platform with columns holding it up, otherwise just there for decoration. I play around these columns for a while, until a voice tells me I must go. So back down the staircase I go.

Night after night I return to this platform, and each time I greet the moon I am happier, more elated than before. My cautious climb up the steps soon becomes a careless bound to the moon, and my careful exploration becomes ecstatic frolicking. However, I am only allowed to play on the moon for a few minutes, and I can only go back so many times a night. For the most part this doesn't phase me, I just look forward to the next time I go back.

I begin to fall in love with my place on the moon. It is the only place I wish to go, the only thing I look forward to night after night. In times of happiness I'm there, in times of sadness I'm there, despite the fact that it kicks me off after only a short amount of time. One particular night I come to the moon in despair - something had happened earlier that day that upset me to the brink of tears. After my third consecutive trip to the moon that night, it's time to go.

"No," I tell the Moon meekly, holding onto its column. "I don't want to go... please, Mr. Moon, you are beautiful tonight..."

The lights on the bottom platform blink, urging me to hurry up.

"Please," I beg, my voice heightening in desparation. Tears sting the back of my eyes and blur my vision as I shake my head and hold onto the column tighter. "I don't want to leave... I love you, Moon, I love your lights, your platform, your soil..."

A pair of invisible arms gently wrap around my waist from behind me and firmly but lightly begin pulling me away from the column.

"No!" I beg. "No, please don't take me away, I want... I want to live here..."

And then I wake up.
I wake up crying, but only a little bit, and actually speaking the last phrase.
The dream, to me, had a very childlike feel to it... I felt free as a child in the dream, and sometimes the vision of myself transformed into one of a small boy. Don't ask XD

Anyway, after waking up from this dream, I decided that I wanted to remember it... so I replayed it in my head, over and over, so that I know I dreamt it and so I know I would remember it. The second thing I thought was, "I have to draw this." I thought about making a comic about it, or a something liken to a children's book. However, I thought drawing the dream out by itself and passing it off as an illustrated story would be incomplete, considering the sort of note it ends on. So in my third set of thoughts I "finished" the dream by imagining what would come after, how it would end appropriately as a story I could illustrate.

So there is yet another project I've put on my plate.
I won't tell you my "modified" version of the dream - you'll have to wait until I start posting images. I'll tell you one thing: I'm replacing myself with a little boy. It just seems much cuter that way :P
Don't worry, I'm still going to draw a version with myself. I'll post that up here, too.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that.
If any of you have ideas or interpretations of this dream, please! Do share!

Also, I thought I might add that this dream seems very inspired by a song I've been listening to a lot lately. Two songs, actually. Not sure if they inspired the dream or the dream made me think of them, but either way, here is the sort of "soundtrack" to my dream

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

David Bowie - Space Oddity

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dabidTM said...

haha wow, what a dream jordan... i never recall that much detail any of my dreams... but it looks like we both have a short story to work on now lol