Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Song Painting Exercise

While I was surfing deviantArt I came across an interesting meme that had people pick a fandom and then draw characters from said fandom in accordance to whatever song the artist has playing (example; Heroes and My Funny Valentine: speed-sketch of Sylar and Mohinder being funny Valentines, complete with lyrics).

I decided to put my own little twist to the game and do painting instead of drawing.

What I did was put my iTunes on shuffle, set up a palette of many colors, and paint to whatever song played. I mostly focused on color, feel, and rhythm, with nothing very representational present in the images. Once the song ended, I had to stop painting and then move onto a fresh new image as the songs shuffled.

I did a total of 8 paintings, 6 of which I'll post along with the song that inspired it.
I'm not posting the first 2 I did because they're kind of crap XD

Cueshe - Stay (Acoustic)
Link is to regular version since I can't find a good one of the acoustic.

Michael Giacchino - Anyone Can Cook
It's on the Ratatouille soundtrack, can't find the song online.

BĂ©nabar - Dramelet
Argh, can't find this one either!

Cake - Frank Sinatra
Out of all of them, I think this one's my favorite. I really enjoyed applying all the thick blue and white paint, I did that with a palette knife, hehe.

Passion - Weak
Song is rather minimalistic with focus on vocals, so I tried to echo that in this painting.

Lustra - Scotty Doesn't Know
Eh, I put this one up even though I think it's kind of crap... I meant for the colors to be much more vibrant and the lines to be sharper, but my brushes were giving out and I was determined not to stop the flow of my speedpainting XD

I guess you can call it interpretive painting! XD
All paintings done acrylic on Bristol.


Angie said...

Really cool!

I've actually done something like this before, except of paintings its writings.

I always liked that combination with music and what visions comes in your hear.

Like the blue paint on the painting done during "Cake".

dabidTM said...

wow, that's way cool

although, i think it would be harder as a drawing exercise...

still looks fun!

good job

Woo said...

Awesome, I'll try it some time and show you what happens..