Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love you... like a scientist loves a good theory

That's why when I first laid eyes upon you, I was skeptic.

If ever I've been swept off my feet by something fantastic, it was only for a fleeting moment - something that good couldn't possibly be true.

So I waited.
I watched you in your natural habitat, assessing your strengths, your high points, and your low points. Then I moved into the experimental phase, poking and prodding where I should to attain the most accurate results. How do you move? How do you react to this? And to this? And to that...? Most results turned up very good. Almost too good.

And so the experimenting became rigorous, the inquisitions tougher. At what temperature and in what situation do you freeze? Boil? Melt like liquid? Disappear like gas? Under what circumstances are you no longer solid? I need to know!

I need to know how you tick, I need to attack you from all sides so I know you're durable; I need to know that you can stand up against the worst critics and, in the midst of whatever inane nitpickery, hold my stage... so please don't fail me; please don't crack; please keep giving me results I can work with, because when theory becomes fact, I can finally be happy -

I can finally love you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Experimentation and Deliberation

I made two very small (2.5"x3.5") paintings, one watercolor and one acrylic. They are on artist trading cards, which I will be presenting at Art Jam on Friday. Anyway, the watercolor was completely experimental... I hadn't so much as touched watercolors since elementary school, and back then I was extremely offput because of how it reacted (then again, they were those little Crayola sets on flimsy printer-paper). It was actually very nice, I felt a lot more liberal with colors when it came to watercolor simply because they blended together so nicely.
Here it is...
I drew in ink first before coloring it in. Personally, I find this to be just okay. Alex, however, thinks it's the better of the two paintings. He said the wash was nice, and he loved how little blotches of color seem to pop (some on the water, on the boat, etc). He also said it was quite whimsical, very much more something I would do. It seems to be a consistency that my best pieces (according to others) are the ones I'm not as fond of :P Those pieces also tend to be very experimental, hmmm... maybe I'm a good experimenter. I'll never need to learn things! XD

I plan on speaking with my boss, who's an artist as well (I mean, he runs the art school, hahaha), about this... hopefully he can shed some light on it.

Now, here's the other one... I sketched it in first, then deliberately went at it with acrylics. The reason why I like this one the best is because I had the image in my head for a while. Not only that, but I experimented somewhat with adding random colors (which seems to be a good thing) to something fairly dichromatic.
So, here it is...What I like best is the the head and neck. I had a hard time trying to think of the lighting for it, but with a little help from Robert Carter's paintings* and my own sense of light logic, I managed to make it look really good... at least in my opinion. I also wanted to make my brush strokes quite visible like his... he is my new painting idol. I feel this piece is quite dramatic, which most people seem to think is not very me, but... hey, what can I say? I had this in my head. Inspired by concepts from Coldplays new song "Viva La Vida," actually.

So what do you think? Which painting do you think is better and why?

*If you happen to look through Robert Carter's portfolio, I actually referenced the foreground guy in the second piece from Carter's "Halo"... for the head angle and partially the lighting. Just wanted to give credit where it's due.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Truly without reason

I've decided to take off the limitations on this blog. It is no longer purely meant for just works of art (since I obviously can't seem to process much anyway), but for just anything. Any creative musings I may have go here. Expect to see a few written pieces and a painting or two (I'm taking a painting class now) coming soon.

But yea, now the name "Sans Raison" can... well... have a reason behind it.