Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Semester

Here we go folks, a new semester!

This time I'm taking Foundation Life Drawing, Latin Jazz Dance, Intro to Political Science, Intro to Typography (hopefully!), Foundation Chinese 2, Artists in their own Words (a visiting artist lecture series), and US History (online class). That brings the total to 21 units. What a load!

I can already tell this year is going to be hectic. I already have homework for Life Drawing: 3 studies of the human skeleton from the front, back and side, 3 studies of the muscular system from the front, back and side, and at least 4 additional drawings of focus areas such as the neck, shoulder, pelvis, and knee (I'll probably do those 4). Yikes. Though I've never taken a figure drawing class before, I always thought it was better to start off with the "building blocks" method, so I think I'll do a tracing paper overlay for the blocks, just for my own benefit. I hope the professor doesn't mind.

Latin Jazz seems like loads of fun! We don't use counts in this dance class which is pretty cool. Our prof. emphasizes more of coordinating with your partner and flowing with their movements as opposed to following steps and choreography... basically I can take these moves to a dance club XD Poli sci is a GE, you get what you get from it.

I'm going to try to get into Typography tomorrow, and Chinese 102 and the art lecture should be fun. I actually have long-ish breaks between them, which means I can EAT!

Oh, and you know what? Right when school starts, I start getting all these ideas for paintings and stuff... I started drawing on Tegaki again... and I have another short story idea. What the crap? As if I didn't have enough to do! Where were these ideas during the summer? This happens every time, I tell you XD Oh well... when I have time. I'm just glad I'm starting to get busy again.

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Lauren Ashley said...

WEIRD! I noticed that too! I got creative again when school started off! lol.

And yeah, 21 units is quite a load. Just be sure you don't audition for a play and get cast during finals.... lol.

Anyway, good luck throughout the semester! I look forward to more blogs!