Friday, October 10, 2008

Feeling Good

I'm liking my life right now. I thought it'd suck, honestly. There are a few snags, but overall, I'm feeling good.

Life Drawing is probably my most favorite class ever... I guess maybe Foundation Drawing lowered my expectations, or this class is just better. Probably the latter. I totally met and chatted with one of the models... BEFORE he even modelled for our class. How crazy is that? I just came upon him, and then bam! He's our model for class the next day. His name is Hunter... I'm kind of sad he didn't come back, he was cool.

See how much more "bloggy" this has gotten? Normally I'd use another side for these kinds of entries, but what's the point? I was sort of 'saving' this blog for exclusively art, hoping to make it my little domain from which I gain internet fame—the website I put on my business cards and résumés and oh Jordan, your website is so impressive! I love it!

I think I can actually create separate blogs on one account though, so maybe if that time ever comes I'll just split the ramblings from the art. Or maybe the ramblings enhance the art, bah, whatever.

I think I'm really enjoying life drawing more than the other classes because I love drawing people. Last semester it was mostly just still life, and while I learned a lot of techniques there, there was little room for me to be creative (in my opinion). Then again, like I said, I may just like drawing people more. They're so much more dynamic, so much better to work with and easier to imagine. For me.

I know I keep promising pages from my sketchbook... hee, oops. They'll come. My computer's gotten really slow over the past few days (I think it's from the overload of m-flo songs I just put in...), and with each restart my desire for a Macbook grows stronger. I can practically taste all that extra harddrive space now, and it tastes like freedom.

Other classes are great. Chinese 102 has great chemistry because the teacher's great and a lot of the students already know each other; Latin Jazz is fun but tiring... I think it triggered some back problems in me, I've been having to see the doctor for a while. Last time they gave me muscle relaxants and told me that if I'm still feeling bad, to call again. Still feeling bad. Next appointment: two weeks. It's getting harder and harder to schedule these things nowadays. Poli sci is easy, also known as nap class XD

Anyway, that's pretty much the update right now. Stay tuned...


Russkitai said...

I still think it's bizarre to have befriended someone just before seeing them naked. It's not personally my method of getting to know each other more. But, to each his own.

My captcha is "qtwltdba".

Jordan said...

Hey, I totally didn't know he was an art model when I met him. I approached him coz he had a cool guitar :)