Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am amassing my followers

It'll only be a matter of time before I "drop the bomb" on ya'll... hehehe...

Anyway, yea, this is now le blog occasionnels. Knowing my luck I'll probably be like, uber-discovered within the next x days and have to have a nifty art-only blog. Greeeeat. I love doing that to myself. Anyway.

I've gotten more comfortable using this, I guess. I do have a livejournal, but it feels... weird? The initial purpose for that was basically to contribute to a Heroes fanfiction community (yea yea, laugh it up), and later on to keep tabs on my LJ-savvy friends. I could always blog on myspace, but I think that got old. As for Facebook notes, or Ship's Log as my Pirated-out Facebook now deems it, I guess I get a little picky over what I post there. Generally I'll only post an FB Note if I genuinely want and expect people to respond to it. Facebook is extremely interactive, so I treat it as a medium for such interactions. Here on blogger, a few people can read it... and I'm left to assume that these people care enough to read it, meaning they care about me.

I do keep book-journals... I have SO many of them. So many old sketchbooks, so many old journals and diaries I just love to look back on. I don't know what possesses me to keep stackin' em up and reading them over and over again. It's fun :P

Anyway, I said I'd give you a taste of my life drawing sketchbook, so... here it is! We do assignments in our sketchbooks, so there's always something new. If you see me in real life and are interested in my drawings, ask to see my sketchbook. It's always with me.
Or you can just, y'know, keep viewing this blog... you probably won't get to see my flaws, though. Selective self-representation and all, y'know.

This is ... a skeleton! XD We had to draw it from the front, back and side. The front and back ones were disproportional; I thought this turned out all right.

Then we had to do muscles, same views and whatnot.
I rather like muscles, at least, until you get to the limbs :d
Then they get kind of difficult, at least for me.

Oooph, bear with me for a bit, okay guys? Formatting this is kind of weird.

Heee, then I go do something like this—just because I love to apply things that I've learned. Bonus points if you actually are staring at her serratus anterior, and know where it is.

Yea screw this, I'm just going to center everything, hahaha.

Then we had an assignment in which we had to draw and render hands holding things. This one's my favorite, and yes, that is my hand. Ironically, it's the only one in the series that isn't actually holding anything, unless you can say it's holding a pose, or holding a chord. Heeeeee.

Here's from the latest assignment. We had to draw those wooden artists mannequins in various poses... I really liked this one as a concept to start, but I think inking it kind of ruined it. The lighting situation could've been rendered a lot more dramatically. I think I'm afraid of high contrast :P I shouldn't be, it's awesome!

I really like working with ink and ink washes... I have more of those, like gestures and actual stuff from life models, but they're on huge pieces of paper I can't scan, and I currently can't get good photos of them. Eventually, though. EVENTUALLY!

Also, if you are one of the few that keep up with this blog, I'd appreciate a comment or two. Y'know, just so I know you're out there. :D


RiddlerHanjinome said...

Hahahahaha.... I thought that said "I am amazing my followers" at first. XP

I love your artwork, Jordan. And yay for the Naughty!Claire sketch. XD

Lauren Ashley said...

Those were FANTASTIC! But you already know I love your work! :) I'm glad that you're liking this semester better than last. :)