Monday, December 1, 2008

And, GO!

All right folks, after a while of not having posted anything, I'm going to bombard ya'll with a slew of posts.

As in, one blog post per day, at least for the month of December.

I recently joined this thing called NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month. I'm guess it's a spinoff of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), except instead of trying to write a 50k-word novel in 30 days, you have to post a blog every day for a month. NaNoWriMo happens annually during November, whereas NaBloPoMo happens monthly, and usually comes with a theme which posters may or may not go by.

So the theme for December is thanks.

It's the perfect theme for this time of year, when all the family holidays are kinda bunched together and the year is coming to a close, it makes you really realize what you're thankful for. Now, not every post I make may be related to what I'm thankful for or thanks or anything, but I know for sure that this, my very first NaBlo post, will be.

I'd like to thank everybody that wished me a happy birthday today.

Today I turned 20 years old, and it seems so far away in my mind. Like I'm just turning 18, really, I'm not 20 at all. I guess it's better than letting it get to my head, right? :P It feels like my birthday's been stretched out over the week or something.

Last Wednesday I had my family birthday dinner at BJ's. The reason why I had it almost a week in advance was because it was the only day that was free while my dad was still in town—he went back to Texas the Friday after Thanksgiving. So I really thank them for celebrating with me :D

Over this past weekend I stayed at my cousin' Kelsey's house, and on Sunday we went to the park to just hang out with family, and my mom brought out a surprise birthday cake for me! I toooottally did not expect that, it was such a pleasant surprise! There were 20 candles on the cake, but only 10 would light up :P Mental age? HA! I also got a money gift that day from Auntie Jing. Thanks!

And then today~ a BUNCH of people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, so that was really nice. I also got some calls from my aunts, grandma, friends like Andrea, Brent, Kyle, and Daddy, too. The most memorable call probably came from Alex, in Argentina... I know he's spending the next few weeks travelling, but he actually called today and made the people staying at his hostel sing happy birthday to me! In Spanish, French and English, all at the same time! It was pretty cool, so thanks a lot for that, Alex!

Then later in the evening, José took me out for dinner. It was really nice, we went to this place called The Kettle over in Manhattan Beach, then we walked around the pier and just kinda chilled at Starbucks after. Zebra hot chocolate is DELICIOUS, it's now like, one of the few things I'll ever get at Starbucks, ever XD Along with Peppermint hot chocolate, which is in season, which means I'll get it every damn chance I get. It was really nice :) He also got me a present—Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time! When I saw that under the wrapper, I had two reactions:
  2. ...I'm kind of surprised I don't already have this
XD What with me being so interested in theoretical physics, and that book being like, the QUINTESSENTIAL thing for that kind of topic. Thanks so much, José!

So there's my birthday, blogged in full, and like 10 minutes before midnight.
Have fun with all the upcoming blogs, ya'll!


Chelsea said...

Sounds like a great day! Thanks for telling me about NaBloPoMo last night. I joined it because of youuuuu! I hope our names get posted on there soon. Here's my blog:

Actually, your whole week seems pretty awesome. I especially like the French, Spanish, and English versions of Happy Birthday you got from far away! That's so nice!

I hope to see you this weekend when I see Brendel! That would be awesome. We can have a clammy high five.

AND I'LL BRING MY BOOK THAT WE TALKED ABOUT OGHDJFHSLJKFHSOU! And we can run off and geek off with each other.

Lauren Ashley said...

OMG I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to wishing you a happy birthday! I've been on the road, so... >.< Sorry!!!

and Happy Birthday!!!