Thursday, December 4, 2008

And I thought this would be easy

I thought, okay, I can do a blog a day, 'no problemento!' As my Chinese professor would say, hahaha. But each day I'm going, damn, what should I post now??

The good thing is, knowing I need to blog every day gets my brain going... thinking of content to put in it. Aside from a story I've been working on with my friend Brent (for nearly 3 years now!), I don't do a lot of creative writing... I used to; I should do some more eventually. The most natural things I think about when it comes to 'what should I put in my blog today' are:
  1. What should I draw for my blog today?
  2. Should I write about my day?
I usually take care of number 2 in the bathroom in a personal pen-and-paper journal, and since the 'original purpose' for this blog was to be a sketchblog, I just kind of reverted back to that mindset, and it's been really good for me... for some reason when I think of what to put things here, ideas come to me much easier. Right now I'm working on something else in Photoshop... I've been wanting to draw something like this for some time, but I never got any ideas. And suddenly, poof!This is the underdrawing, and it is extremely rough. Yes, it's a work in progress... I normally don't EVER post things that are not completely finished, unless it's just a collection of sketches I don't plan on finishing... but there's a first time for everything, right? Guess what I'm trying to draw ;D

I would've finished it by tonight if I had more time... at times I get really insecure about my ability to crank out anything good in Photoshop, but when I actually get on a project, I'm on a roll! I can stay on it for hours just focusing on what I gotta do. Sometimes I feel like I have more control in digital media, and I do, and I like that, but I like the feel of traditional media better. I just have to get over making mistakes and such, that's a big obstacle for me in my art-making. It's also fun to take advantage of the fact that I'm on my PC laptop... it has the Adobe CS stuff. I switched to a black Macbook about a month back, and I totally love it (still getting used to it, though), but it doesn't have the Adobe CS on it. I'm planning on getting it soon though. Also, the reason why I'm not using my Mac is because I left the charger at my cousin Kelsey's house over the weekend. D'OH!

And now for the thanks portion?
I'd like to thank Brendel and Alex V... seeing Brendel get all excited about art in the way I used to be kind of got me going again, and Alex V totally inspired me to do the piece I'm doing now. I've known these guys since high school, and although I'm not in constant contact with them, they've always been really cool, and I'm glad to be talking to them more now. Thanks guys!


Zenumare said...

Alex Villanueva? Aww, I miss him. I bought him a christmas present so now I HAVE to see him! It was one of those presents where I passed it and thought out loud, "Hmm, my friend Alex would like this, but I don't know him that well and he's kind of Allen's friend."

Then my conscious pops up (my mom) and tells me to get it anyway and that Christmas is all about giving. So I got it, ha!

Yeah, I tend to write my journals about my day or an event that happened and twist it into a thankful mode.

Some of my entries have turned out kind of funny because of it! XD

I'm actually talking to you on AIM now so I don't know why I can't say this now.

I write long comments. O.o

Lauren Ashley said...


Oooo I made something in Paint once... lol... digital media is fun but I'm stuck with a boring old mouse and paint... lol. so it takes forever!!! :)

I can't wait to see the finished product! :D