Sunday, December 28, 2008

And now, back to our regular programming

Jordan's back, and speaking in the third person! Pah :P

Biiiiiig thanks to José for babysitting my blog for me! I had brought Galaxy with me, but couldn't get internet at any time during the trip. I tried to leech internet at the hotel, but the only one that worked was a connection I had to pay $13.99 per 24-hour-period for. Ew.

Hope you all enjoyed his writing!
And if you're sad that he left, you can always go check out his blog here, although he doesn't update it a lot. One word: hassle. Pah! You'll be seeing more of his creative writing here anyway if I post our collaborations. Huh, funny that I spoke about that (and him) right before he had to do posts for me, like it was an intro to that. I didn't mean it to be, because I didn't anticipate not getting internet until later on. So there you have it.

José brought up a good point in the previous post: why is this NaBloPoMo project so important? Honestly, I don't know. I thought it was a good idea, I wanted to get back into blogging, and I figured since I'm fairly good at sticking to obligations, I'd join this project that would challenge me every day. He mentioned that I could've written or drawn for each day I missed, and my first thought to that was, But then I wouldn't be able to post it on that day!
Then something clicked.
All this time I had been thinking of NaBloPoMo as a committment to post to the online blog every day, but the underlying concept was to be able to write something every day. I very well could have written in my sketchbook (I did bring it on my trip) and then copied or scanned it in for each day I missed. Then José wouldn't have had to do my blog for me, and I wouldn't have had to give him my password, and I wouldn't have to change it now. Not that I don't trust you, José (I nearly just typed "'zay" in there), just a precaution. Heee.

So yea, I guess the next time I do NaBloPoMo I'll just do that.

Speaking of next time begs the question: Will Jordan be participating in NaBloPoMo for January?

That's a tough one. Two months in a row? Oooph. Two 31-day months, at that!
Is it too much for Jordan? Is it too much for her public?

Well, say I don't join NaBloPoMo for the month of January.
With my newfound blogging skills, I'll still be able to maintain a happy, healthy blog without the crutch of the obligation of having to write a post a day. That's a mouthful. And it'll be less for you readers to keep up with!

But say I do join NaBloPoMo for January.
The theme of the month is "Change," and at first I thought, "I could write VOLUMES on Change, but I don't want to rehash old memories in blogpost-form!" Then I had a more brilliant idea: I could use this NaBloPoMo thing as, again, an engine! To propel my need to sketch every day forward. I did it so I can kickstart my blogging, and now I can use it to kickstart my sketching. It'll kind of keep in touch with the theme of Change; if I sketch every day, I will undoubtedly see some change, right?

Hahaha, the second option is looking mighty handsome right now, especially now that I've written out the brilliant idea. besides, I'm on break for all of January, and who knows, these sketches could turn up more good stuff, like actual long-term projects.

I think I just made the decision :P

Anyway, ども ありがとう ございます again to José. My grip on the 'deeper' concept of NaBloPoMo might've been misplaced, but he went along with it and posted for me. It's fun having guest posts! Totally not copping out ;P


Lauren Ashley said...

You know, I was thinking about that... I've been asking myself if I'm disqualified because I didn't post blogs on the first and second - but I DID write blogs on those days, just didn't have internet access... haha!

And - it's funny how our posts fit in with eachother - I too asked the question about whether or not I will be joining nablopomo for January... I don't know... I could use the month off - but I could also use the obligation to keep my mind going... who knows. I'm still thinking about it.

AND - speaking of sketches... did you ever finish that Wall-E one from a while ago?? I've been dying to see the finished product.

Chelsea said...

Writing two months in a row IS a lot of work, but I'm up for it! This was a fun project for me that allowed me to reflect on my day that I had or was going to have! And it was fun when I would be at somebody else's house writing a blog. Or when I was in San Francisco!

If I couldn't have posted, I would've done exactly what you did!

Maybe if it happens next month I can get Jose to fill in too! XD