Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And now, a short poem

By request of Brent!
I wrote this like 2 years ago. Needless to say, I hardly write poetry anymore.
If you want to use it somehow, don't forget to ask me and then give credit where it's due (sorry guys, the dislaimer is a habit with writing like this).

Prelude to a Surgery
Stick, stick, stick.
Beep... beep. Heart rate OK.
I smell white all around me, everywhere
and I see beep,
Beep beep. No, I'm fine. Maybe a little nervous.
There's the heart rate monitor,
Picking up pulses through the circles
on my wrists, my chest.
Short sting inside my elbow and
I hear numbness, it fills me.
How I know this, I don't know.
Mommy, you there?... I'm hungry.
I have a mask on, and I smell mind-numbing
"It'll be alright, I'll see you in an hour, okay?"
No, mommy, please stay...
I hear my vision blur
I taste... haze. All around.
There is one clear moment and it parts the sea
of nitrous oxide and anesthesia
I feel you squeeze my hand and tell me again,
"It'll be alrightsee you in an hour."
Words stumble numbly out my masked mouth
I smell white medical
I taste haze, I am not laughing.
The fight against sweet, sweet slumber
is lost.

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Lauren Ashley said...


I like how you mixed up the senses... that was my favorite part!!! This was real good, you should see if you can get it published. :)