Friday, December 26, 2008


As Jordan Jolls Gracious is off gallivanting with her family in the City of Sin and peering into the depths of the Giant Hole Arizona is famous for, I Josè will be filling in for today's post.

She regaled to me her experiences upon arriving in Vegas, eating Panda Express. And this morning? BUFFET. It reminds me of what my friend Jason, who works with Jordan's mother coincidentally, would say upon having a dinner, "WE SHALL HAVE A FEAST!" arms raised in emphatic postulation.

How was my day? Why I'm so glad you asked. I awoke this morning, perhaps I awoke several times to an empty room in my neighbors house. Don't worry, I feel asleep there, and this is a close near-family neighbor. Last night we drove all the way to AMC 20 Rolling Hills from Carson to partake in some late night watching of The Spirit, only to find the last showing sold out. Valkyrie? Sold out. There was really nothing else we wanted to see, and all the other theaters which were about to start, or were starting were full. A pity, that. So we despondently drove home in an implacable mood. We decided to stay in and watch a movie, breaking a chain of late night Rock Band playing which had become the pattern of late. Besides, his parents, who sleep in the room right above our "Rocktuary" could use the break.

Today I sessioned with my cousin. I can't say practice because I have to feel "bboy special." We ate some of his leftovers from Christmas. I ask, "Where's this chicken from?"
My cousin says, "I hate KFC."
"Popeyes is the best."

Then we played video games, specifically Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Too Long Name. In our younger days around the holidays we would all gather round the warm. . . television set and partake in wonderful competition that is video games. I suppose this little one on one session is a throwback to those days as the family on my father's side has splintered to say the least. Earliest memories? Bomberman. Was there some Mario Kart? Perhaps for the N64. I can never forget my cousin, this cousin, bringing the first edition of Resident Evil over the Christmas it came out, solidifying my brothers and my own interest in the Survival Horror genre for years to come. Incidentally I borrowed a game from him Christmas day, amongst our talk of bboying, video games, anime, and what have you. This game? Resident Evil 4. Today we did a trade, I gave him a copy of "The Freshest Kids" which is a fabulous bboying documentary about the origins of the art form and hip hop itself. He gave me the lastest Nujabes albums, the self styled hip hop, jazz and ambient sound producer. Our relationship influence has come full circle.

Hey guys, Jordan here, updating from THE FUTURE!
Nah, I wanted to go back and tack on my own experience of the day. I was going to do it on today's post (12/31) but I thought it'd be better chronologically to do it here. So everything's self contained, y'know?

So the sucky part was that Las Vegas has this tendency to sap my health. It's the dry weather there, I'm sure. I already have eczema-prone skin, combination skin, and it's just very bad for me. Not to mention it was DANGcold up there! Throughout the trip I kept taking frequent naps... in restaurants, car rides, just anywhere. People started to become concerned about me, I was just really pooped from Vegas is all.

The best part was getting to hang out with our friends from Germany. My family with Nathan's parents (Nathan is inthe Air Force now), Kyle's family (he lives in Cali with us) and Josh's family (who lives away) all stayed at the Mandalay Bay. Honestly, I don't think I've stayed at any other hotel on the strip, my parents are just such fans of the Mandalay! Anyway, we all arrived there on the night of Christmas, tired from the drive and extremely hungry. So guess what our Christmas dinner was? If you remember José's post, Panda Express and McDonald's. That's right. Rest up, wake up, brunch buffet! This was when I started telling José to update my blog, as well. Afterward we hit up the Fashion mall... Mika, Josh, Mikey and I just wandered around, seeing every window stickered with "SALE" signs and wondering if we should buy anything. The only money spent was spent on a pretzel.

Then we met up with Kyle and we all drove over to yet another Germany-friend's house! I hardly recognized RB because he'd grown so much (vertically, horizontally, and by way of facial hair), and Seba looked a lot older. Another family came: Bianca and Nico's family! They were supposed to be with us for the entire Vegas reunion, but they didn't, but they wanted to see everybody so they came. That made me happy, we were very close to them in Germany. All us kids ended up playing Halo 3 on XBox Live (we all love the way Kyle trash-talks the other guys), playing Mao ("failure to say thank you!"), and watching The Dark Knight. It was really loads of fun; all the while our parents were hitting up casinos. They did that a lot :P

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It's nice to meet you, Jose. :) Thanks for filling in for Jordan and giving me something to read! :D