Sunday, December 14, 2008


I really do feel like a blogwhore sometimes. I've kept so many in the past, hopping from one to another. The very first one I had was a LiveJournal which is now deleted. That was a big favor to the internet, honestly XD If it had to be exposed to my preteen ramblings of angst and insanity, it'd be too much.

I think aside from that one LJ I've kept 4 main ones, and here they are in chronological order:

Xanga: hikari no uchuujin
I kept this throughout high school. I did a lot of html experimentation on it, and the results of my obsession with online quizzes and surveys are plastered all over the damn place! When I go back to Xanga now, I notice how much it's changed. Honestly, it's a bit confusing for me, the layout is a little all over the place. My sister Mika said it takes some getting used to, but whatever, I don't think I'm going back :P

Myspace: jordanxd
Yea, for a time I blogged pretty extensively on MySpace. I did a lot of html experimentation on MySpace a lot too, actually, back when that was totally the thing. It kind of died out for me now. It was quite fun while it lasted, though.

Vox: Peolacurei
If you want to know how I got this name, I was literally typing gibberish one day and it came up. I thought it sounded cool, wanted the name to stick, so I used it for everything. theJollity stuck better than it though, and I'm glad for it. Anyway, I got a Vox when I decided I wanted to get more "serious" about blogging again. I mostly blogged about Heroes episode reviews, what went on at school, stuff like that. It's fun reading through it... I really do forget what I write about. I had some deep thought things that my good friend Heidi always gave me advice about, like in this entry. When I really think about it, I think I took that advice and internalized it. I love you, Heidi :) Oh, and I found this entry particularly interesting because in it I detailed how I felt about my friends at the time. I did that because nobody really ever bothered to read the Vox, hahaha. What I really liked about Vox was the Question of the Days, which often turned up some interesting responses. I actually think that I blogged better on my Vox than I did here. Maybe it only seems like it now, thought. What do you think?

The fourth one is, quite obviously, this one. I like it pretty okay, I think I liked LiveJournal the best when I had it because it was so community-based and it was pretty easy to change layouts and add content. Not to mention that the whole hiding-things-under-the-cut was a pretty wicked feature. But I somehow haven't been able to get back into the "feel" of LJ, if you know what I mean. I do currently have my own LJ, but I only really made it to keep up with a certain community I was stalking. Now I just use it for stalking in general :P

I know for a fact that I have several other accounts just kind of strewn across the internet, but I really don't remember them, so they must not have anything too terribly significant in them. I like to keep these old accounts though... looking back is fun.

Today's thanks goes to: José, Jason Tadeo, and Dean, for movies and dinner tonight. Korean BBQ = unbelievably delicious! Thanks guys, ya'll made my day!

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