Saturday, December 13, 2008

A chill post about my life.

Yup, I did say "chill" post.
I always thought Chelsea was better at doing posts about her life (since she does those a lot :P), and I haven't really done much since my old Xanga. I guess I just started using blogs to share the things I did and thought about. Oh well, this stuff should be easy to talk about :)

Today my mom, sister and I went down to San Diego shop around the Naval and Marine bases down there, since their exchanges are generally better than all the other ones. I didn't end up getting anything for myself, nor did I get anything for anyone else! I'm making the majority of my gifts this year, although I don't know if I can pull it off in time for Christmas. I may just have to be a late-giver. I blame school. Most of my friends are out already, but this is week is home stretch for me. Here's what my finals schedule looks like:

12:30-2:30PM : Chinese 102 Final Exam
5:00-7:00PM : Art 101 Final Exam

8:00-10:00AM : Art 184 - Life Drawing, Final Critique & POTLUCK! (I'm bringing the milk!)
12:30-2:30PM : Political Science 100 Final Exam

Really, it's not that bad. I'm going to spend Monday and Tuesday working mostly on the final project for my life drawing class, which is supposed to be a full-body self portrait. She wants it to be more traditional than experimental, so I really have to buckle down for it. For the last 4 projects I've charcoal though, so I'm not sure if I want to do that again. I'm just going to say no to graphite if I have to shade (and that's a no-brainer), so I thought of doing a gouache on illustration board painting. That means the style will be a little more graphic, but I think I can figure out a way to show my own understanding of light and shadow, which is ultra important. I also already have a concept for the picture in mind, so I just have to get started.
But today sucked a little because I started to feel pain in the back... never cool. But I'm home now, so I'll feel better.

Oh man, but yesterday was an excellent day.
I woke up not having to take Mika to school (thanks, Mommy!), and later in the morning I went over to José's house. We just kinda chilled out, tried to watch Cowboy Bebop on DVD but everything he had that could possibly play a DVD wasn't working—aaaww—so we just kind of sat and talked. Then we went to San Pedro so we could get sandwiches at his favorite place there, Busy Bee's. Pretty good sandwiches, I'd have to say... mine got all soggy which sucked, but the bread was really damn delicious. I kind of prefer mine a little more toasted too, but it was still really good. I was so delightfully surprised at the BREAD dang it was so good!
We went to the Korean Bell to eat. He was surprised I'd never even heard of the Korean Bell, because it was like a big thing, a post-Korean War symbol of friendship between the two nations. The bell is HUGE, and it's on this hill that overlooks the ocean. Pretty sweet! So we plopped ourselves down and ate. Seagulls started surrounding us, and we found infinite amusement in tossing food at them and hearing them squawk. When's the last time you paid attention to a squawking gull? It's pretty hilarious.
There was a basketball court near the Korean Bell, and José just happened to have a basketball in his car. For the first time since 8th grade I actually shot hoops, and after a while I have to admit that I was getting the hang of it again. He still killed me when we did one on one, but it was unbelievably invigorating to play a sport again. Then we kind messed around on the grass doing various capoeira, bboy, fighting moves. Guess who did which ones ;P He tried to help me with my handstand, but I felt so off-balance and scared that I stopped. One day!
Then we went back to his place to PLAY WITH HIS DOGS D'AAAAAWW~ They're so adorable, at least when the giant Siberian Husky is not trying to mount me. D:

So yea, great Friday, all right Saturday, and finals coming up.
Bunches of Christmas plans that I'm way looking forward to, but I have to plow through the block that is finals. I'll see ya'll on the other side!

Well, really I'll be blogging tomorrow, and every day after that, but you get what I mean.
I can't wait!

To sort of clip a "thanks" theme to this one, I wanted to thank José, my mom, and sister for the great times so far this weekend. Rock!


Brent said...

Milk, bread, squawking—you DO always realize those small, unusual details.

RiddlerHanjinome said...

Blogging today, tomorrow, and every day after that? Wow! Talk about timing. I just decided to attempt the same. :P

Glad to hear that you had a nice, relaxing day. :D