Saturday, December 20, 2008

Goodness, another butt-post

Seems as the holidays near, there will be more of these :P
Worry not, friends, I will update more later. Possibly. I'm running out of things to think about now that I have free time. Crazy, innit? Someone should, I dunno, give me something to do or something.

Or you can always suggest me something to write. You know, like I requested of you, dear reader, but a few entries ago? That's right. 

Ask me a question,

give me a topic,

tell me to give my opinion and/or analysis of something,


I'm leaving it up to you ;)


Lauren Ashley said...

Okay, so when you said "someone should give me something to do," I totally thought of "Little Women: The Musical," when Jo said "I'm filled with excitement! Quick, someone give me a task to fulfill!"

And, hey, there we go! What's your favorite musical, and why?? Doesn't have to be broadway, it can be anything that's a musical... like that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... lol. :) I was totally just reminded of the Syhindlar musical we attempted a while ago... HAHA!

Brent said...

How about album art, what makes a good album cover? Also typography, what is a 'good font' in your opinion and why? And why is the Disney D so mind-boggling?