Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas morning, I'm awake

I have to be awake at 8AM, but I'm awake now because I couldn't sleep.
At 9AM we're leaving for Loma Linda to do some mom's-side-Christmas-hangout-fun-time, and then actually leaving for Vegas at 2PM. I'm really, REALLY excited. Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep.

So what'm I doing in the meantime?
Facebooking, what else :P
I'm so unashamed to admit my slight addiction to the site.

I'm reading a long message José sent me. It's a short story he wrote by my request; I have my sketchbook in front of me, willing the gears in my head to churn out an image from the story. We started a collaborative project in which he'd write something and I'd draw to it. The content, length and detail of either piece varies with the whim of the creator, and this time I think I'll settle for just doing rough sketches to various scenes of his ditty. I'm a firm believer in the practice of doing something constantly to get better at it, although I don't actually practice it myself. That's what this project is all about. José is an English major, and when I saw that he doesn't write or put out as much work as he did before (I'm mostly referring to an older blog he doesn't keep up with anymore), I started pushing him to write more, even if it's just some random freewrite about whateverthehell. Then I thought, hey, I really should get into a sketching groove... why not artistically interpret his writing? So bam. There it is. And sometimes we'll switch it up, and I'll draw something from which he has to concoct a story.

Depending on how José feels about it, I may post the results up: his stories, my drawings. He's a good writer, honestly, and I think it'll only really get better the more of these we do. These collaborations will be excellent supplements to our own respective individual projects, diving boards from which to plunge into deep pools of creativity.

I've got to get to sleep!
Good night all, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
Jesus is the reason for the season ;)
May today and the days that follow be filled with love, because that's what it's aaall about!

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