Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puri pictures!


So today I was supposed to do lunch with a friend, Alex V., aka "Van" aka "Squidbuddy" aka "that guy REALLY likes Wall-E." We were supposed to get crepes, but as I was just getting ready, pain hit my stomach like a shovel hits the dirt, and as I lay curled up on the floor it just kept digging deeper and deeper. I had to crawl over to my phone and tell Alex that I couldn't go today. Sadness. So for a good few minutes I was curled up РI didn't feel well enough to be able to do anything else, until I dragged myself to the bathroom. I was home alone, and it sucked. I went between curling up and then crawling to the bathroom, too much in pain to go to sleep or walk downstairs to fix me some soup. I stuck to sitting, hunched over, surfing the internet. Kat was telling me about her opinions on the story (much "OMG" and "CRAZY!"), and Jos̩ later offered to come over and make soup for me. I took it gratefully Рit sucks being home alone and feeling sick.

So I dragged myself out to let him in before sinking into the couch and letting him do the rest. Inny sweet? Then we watched Cowboy Bebop, talked until I felt better, then he showed me some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I was kind of disheartened when he told me that even if I had the same skill level as he, he would still be able to beat me because he's more massive. So being small won't really benefit me much in wrestling against someone bigger than I. Thinking in terms of street self-defense, any attacker may not know such techniques and can be thrown off by whatever I may know. Yes, this is what I think about.

I felt better enough to continue on with some shopping plans I made with Brendel. He's got quite the eye for fashion, including women's fashion, so I thought shopping with him would be beneficial, and he just got his paycheck and totally wanted to burn some of it. The mall stroll ended up being kind of disappointing; he didn't get anything and I got like one shirt. It's really cute, although my mom thinks it's too tight on me. Greeeeat. I suppose I'll try the medium and switch it if it fits better. Brendel also made me try on leggings, which I refused to try, and I think I may have liked them? I always thought my legs would look weird and sticky in them, but everybody tells me I have nice legs. We'll see how this develops.

Later we picked up his girlfriend Rachel and went to a sushi place. I wasn't that hungry, so we just shared like 2 dishes. Their dynamite sushi had SO MUCH STUFF, it's like, where do the toppings end and sushi begins?! We wanted to meet up with their friends Allen and Kelly coz they were there, but those two opted for a separate table to be more "couply" :P But we ended up all going to Coldstones together. I got "That's How I Roll." Mmm.

Although I didn't find many things I liked, much less actually bought, he did give me some pretty good shopping tips that I'll remember. We're planning on hitting up another, better mall, and trying our luck there.

I don't think I'll turn shopping into this huge hobby, but it's always nice to find things you look and feel good in. In any case, I think I need to get a job just to have some cash flow going... and more importantly, experience. Lord knows I need it! I also need to chuck out old clothes, probably send them to the Philippines like we always do. These would be clothes that still fit me (I haven't exactly grown much in the past few years), but aren't being worn anymore, so they'll be pretty good :)

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