Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second Edition

Jordan, still in Vegas shaking her fists at the Casino hounding, "One more year!" in frustration in her inability to gamble, is still unable to update Sans Raison herself. Once again I will be filling in.

I wonder, as you might, "Is this NaBloMo really that important?" I'll say simply that I respect her commitment to the thing. Could she not have blogged "on the go," perhaps some sort of blogging on her Macbook, Galaxy? Maybe even written in some of collection of paper, something in which the pages are reamed together? An unlive journal? If it was leather bound, a dead journal? Though in a handwritten journal you don't have access to bold or even crazy fonts

Then again Jordan is an artist, she could always just draw out how she feels and what is going on with her. Unfortunately I am unskilled in the drawing form and therefore I am secluded to text.

Jordan likes to find comparisons between her sister Mika and I. This is mainly because, well, in a lot of odd ways we're very alike. We both have very similar tastes in music. If I looked at Mika I wouldn't ever imagine that she loved underground artists and local acts like Dilated Peoples or Murs. We both also seem to be in love with black people, as a group, and copying them in attempts to be cool or phat or stupid or dumb or whatever kids like to be these days. Mika and I might also phrase something in exactly the same way the most recent account of this being the phrasing of "Thunder Thighs" to describe the powerful and enormous version of thighs such as my own, or as Mika may have been describing Jordan's Thunder Thighs.

I am currently obsessed with the song "Sooner or Later" by N.E.R.D.

I thoroughly appreciate the use of levels, the slow buildup, the hyped bombastic crash symbols, the nearly excessive guitar solo at the end.

Speaking of music, I have been enamored with many songs of late as my new interest in bboying this quarter had given me a new reason to hunt for music. That being, finding music that I would enjoy dancing to and not only listening to. Though I could list many, the last major favorite of mine was "I Believe In Miracles" by the Jackson Sisters. "Beggin" by Frank Valli and the Four Seasons, as well as the other versions by Pilooski or Madcon are fantastic breakbeats. I may be somewhat bias to this music, as much as I like them for the purpose of listening. I can't help but feel like other people can't appreciate them on the same level that I do. They haven't seen the amazing things people can do to these beats. How can they know?

Jordan here again, recalling what happened to me on this day.
Just keepin' it chronological, yo.
After the party at RB and Seba's house last night, we parted ways. Kyle's family left to stay with their relatives just outside the strip in Vegas, Josh's family left as well, and it was just my family with Nathan's parents. We had to rush to check out early and take Nathan's parents to the air port so they can go home. Then our own trip home!
On the way we stopped by the Primm, an outlet mall right on the way. I fell asleep (big surprise) for a good hour I think before stepping out of the car and joining my family in the shopping center. I walked out with a lime green sweater and bright turquoise pants. I LOVE those pants definitely, even though they're kind of loose on me. Anyway!

We drove backy back to my Amah's (grandma) house to rest up and stuff. Then we drove back home. That's pretty much it ;P

Thanks for the posts, José, I know I enjoyed them!

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