Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking a break to write about break

All right, so I thought I'd be doing my project in gouache on illustration board, but after a while I think I'll just settle for pastels and charcoal on paper. I know my teacher wants this one to be particularly traditional, and I'm not sure how well I can pull such effects off on gouache, especially since I haven't actually worked with it as extensively as I have charcoal/pastel.
Perhaps I'll do two versions and hope she gives me extra credit for it :P Artists do doubles all the time, right? Besides, I've got plenty of illustration board left over. I wish gouache wasn't so expensive. Maybe I'll try doing acrylics on illustration board to note the effect.

Thinking aloud!

Maybe it's because most of my friends are already on break, but I think I'm slipping into "break mode." I felt all too relieved when classes ended last week, and have been looking forward to all that's going on after this is all done. Just to lay it out for myself (and ya'll):

Sometime this week when finals are over
  • Gotta meet up with Brent to edit and finish the beast that is our story part 2 once and for all!
  • Post-finals celebratory dinner with José and possibly Brent and whoever else?
19, Friday
  • Crêpes-for-lunch funtime with Alex V. the Squidbudd-E!
  • Daddy comes home! WOOP!
20, Saturday
  • Hangin' out (down the street) with the family (same old thing) doin' stuff (we did last week) (guess the reference!)
  • Possibly Jason Tadeo's Christmas party with José, Brendel and Rachel?
21-23, Sunday-Tuesday
  • Bustin' it all over the gifts I still have to prepare! Aaaahh!
24, Wednesday
  • Dinner with Dad's immediate family at our house
25, Thursday
  • Head to San Bernardino in the morning to give gifts to mom's side of the family
  • Leave in the afternoon for LAS VEGAS, where we're totally staying til the 27th!
Sometime after all that
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign from my uncle
  • Decide whether or not I want to take Chinese 201 next semester
  • Hang-out/gift exchange party with The Se7en
  • Visit Brent's classes, since I'm still on break by the time he starts his. Same with José
As you can see, I got plaaaans!
I believe I am understandably excited.
But now I have to crack down on this assignment, lest I get too lazy.
I'll see you all on the other side!

I've got to stop saying that, because I mean, I'll be here again tomorrow. Guh.


Chelsea said...

hope you have a great time! maybe i'll get to see you during break. i thought i would be in this weekend but i guess i thought wrong.


if all else fails i'll leave your present with jose.

Brent said...

YES there is much to do!

I'm having thoughts about your language class conundrum. Let's talk mmmmmmmm?