Monday, December 22, 2008

Tap, tap, tap...

...tap, tap. Pencil on desk.

New test subject, new theory. I have you under the microscope now, and we're ready to begin.

Evidence from the field predicts that you will act this way when faced with this stimulant... test initiated, confirmed. History reveals your tendency to boil at this temperature for approximately this amount of time, and freeze here. I have seen this on the field. This behavior is linked to this stimulant, but the tendency to adapt has also been displayed in response to... I have seen this on the field.

I have seen all of this on the field.

I peer through the microscope... you were better on the field, in your natural habitat. I look to my tests; must I really perform all this? If all has been observed, why provoke it further? Hadn't anyone ever heard of the Hawthorne Effect, anyway? Full appreciation doesn't come from behind any lens or within any lab, and from the moment I laid eyes on you something marvelous had been developing, and I don't have the heart to pick you apart any more. I don't need to.

So I set my pencil down and close my notes. I set you free.

I set myself free.


Lauren Ashley said...

Is this a poem? Cuz it sounds like a poem. I like it! :D

Brent said...

I don't get it, but it gives me chills. It reminds me of your surgery poem that has that startling cadence... I love it. Repost!