Monday, December 29, 2008

What a daaaayy!

So I realized all too late that I didn't have a blog post for Monday the 29th. I thought I had done one in the wee hours, but that was what I did for Sunday I guess. The days are running together because it is break time. So I guess I missed yet another day.

Since I missed posting on the day of, I guess it's only fair to dedicate this blog TO the actual day, so ya'll know what kept me from Sans Raison.

Today was the day of the 2nd Annual Holiday Reunion-Party of The Se7en!
That's what the group is called; we are Jordan, Brent, Scott, Kat, Aaron, Fabian, and Livia. We all know each other from high school band and have been in touch since then. We all get on quite well, we have fun together, and we're all characters in the story Brent and I are writing. It's not as bad as it sounds, the story involves all of us in the future and leading these fantastical intertwined lives filled with drama and crime and crap! It's great fun :D Brent and I felt the need to 'flesh out' the characters beyond just our own understanding, so really they are caricatures of ourselves, with appropriate exaggerated features. Anyway!

So today we added two to the Se7en – Fabian's beau, Ebeth, and José. We met up at my house and then drove out to Cerritos to eat at this Asian-Hawaiian-ish place called Guppy's. The food was really very good, actually. We all ended up ordering individually, but we mooched off everybody else so it was good fun. Their grilled salmon was deeeeelicious! I haven't met a fish I didn't like yet, honestly. The sides, like the potato salad and stuff, tasted a little strange, but didn't take away from the eating experience. I loved that they started us off with miso soup. Miso = defreakinglicious.

Afterward we went to a place with a bunch of Purikura booths.
Purikura is like a little photobooth – you know, the ones where you squeeze into with all your friends and get stickers and little sheets printed from them? Yea, it's Japanese, and it's bigger than those normal photobooths, and after you take your pictures, you go into another booth and DECORATE THEM with all these neat little graphics and stuff. They end up looking extreeeemely colorful and crazy, but that's the fun of it! The prints come out tiny for the 9$ you pay, but it's a fun little experience. I was surprised we were able to fit all 9 of us in there, cripes! Unfortunately I don't have our print with me, I don't know who does, but when I get my hands on it or copies of it I'll definitely post the craziness up here.

Afterward we all gathered at Brent's house and exchanged gifts. I got Fabian, and Aaron got me... he gave me this book, 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills! How cool is that?! It goes by things like exercising using lines, shapes, colors, composition, etc. This is PERFECT for me right now, when I definitely need to get on the ball with being more proactive about creating. Fabian seemed to enjoy the beanie I got him, he kept wearing it all night, and then the shirt I got him, too. I'm glad :D

After all presents were exchanged I brought out a brown sleeve from Kinko's and announced that Brent and I had another gift coming: PART 2 OF OUR STORY! We're working in parts, you see, mostly for the purpose of handing it to them in nice-sized packs. This time we went to Kinko's and actually made 5 hard copies of it, printed front and back and stapled and everything. They were so excited, I was so happy to see them that way :) We'd been working on this story for a good 3 years now... honestly, I didn't know Brent and I knew such tenacity, such resilience, but here we are, 2 parts and 12 chapters into this story that keeps growing. We've been working on part 2 for 2 years, can you believe that? What a wait they had to endure! But it's in their hands now :)

Then we sang karaoke and played Cranium. José and I were a team, and we won! Brent was awesome and had prizes ready for winners; I got glow-in-the-dark CONSTELLATIONS and José got a Newton's Cradle. I kept playing with it, those things just make me so damn happy for some reason. Also, I already have glow-in-the-dark stars up in my room, so the constellations will be handsome additions to my little patch of Universe. And y'know what? I'm going to place the one for Sagittarius (my own star sign) right above my bed, then place them in the order they appear on the sky. That's right, I pretty much sealed my own nerdiness right there, but can you say that you have a fairly accurate line of the zodiac along your walls and ceiling? Didn't think so ;P

Livia, Fabian, and Ebeth left, and the rest of us went for a Taco Bell run for dinner. I kept needing to munch all night, no idea why. Everybody else skidaddled after that, and it was only José, Brent and me left at Brent's house. So we decided to play Risk. Damn game was so HARD! I definitely made some revealing choices from the get-go; by spreading my troops out too thin I lost a lot and constantly struggled to hold onto the one continent I had (Europe). I was actually getting really mad, and I don't know why XD I guess a sense of competition set in VERY STRONGLY, which was odd. But while I sulked around as José and Brent covered the board in their respective Yellow and Red armies, I got inspired to do a Risk-related art piece, which is always good. I guess I'll vent my frustration that way! :P

We wouldn't never finished that game. I would've probably been wiped clean off the board, but José and Brent would've still been going at it by now, a good 3.5 hours after we started. Guh. One of these days we'll set aside a buttload of time to play this game, and that next time, I won't be cornered! Y'hear me, I won't! *shakes fist*

So yea, I'm home now, telling you all this. I still have to recount the event of the Vegas trip. Perhaps tomorrow, I shouldn't be not-home all day :P Catch ya'll on the flip side!


Lauren Ashley said...

HEY! I don't think it's nerdy, I think it's COOL! I would kill to have that in my room! I love stars and constellations! Take a pic of it some time for me... :)

Risk IS hard, and it takes forever... I don't remember how long our game was when I played, but it took a while... We had fun though. :D I really hope Boardgames don't disappear because of video games, I have TEN TIMES more fun playing things like Cranium and Risk and what not than I do on the video game system! :D glad you had a great day!

Kat said...

TIS KAT (yes I have a blogger too...I just haven't updated it in forever...).

I actually have the Purikura pictures :O I will upload up as soon as I scan em or take pictures of em with "Wall-e"