Monday, January 19, 2009


is one of the strangest movies I had ever seen.

So I'm using Twitter more because I actually have friends there now.
I read on Wired that the blogging "age" is over and that microblogging (Twitter, tumblr, etc) has taken its place. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I don't see why it's over, really, or what microblogging really has over a good, rich blog post.

Blogging is more versatile. I don't need a character limit to be able to write short entries, and I can post links, pictures, and videos here just as fine as anyone could on tumblr.

Ah well, to each his own, I suppose :)

Also, I stumbled upon a page full of Dorothy Parker quotes, and I now want to read like all her stuff. I want her wit XD

"In youth, it was a way I had,
To do my best to please
And change, with every passing lad,
To suit his theories.

But now I know the things I know
And do the things I do,
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you."

Some day, all too true ;D


Lauren Ashley said...

:) I agree... I think that "microblogging" is stupid... I can't stand Twitter. I have one, but rarely use it. The great thing about Twitter is that you can update it from your Blackberry - why? So people can feel more important than they really are?? That's the problem I had with cell phones... I mean, we got cell phones ultimately because we felt we couldn't go anywhere without having a way for people to contact us... because we really are THAT important. *rolls eyes* Now, not only do we need a way for people to contact us, but we need to tell them what we're doing all the time... seriously... just CALL the person. Text them. Tell them, if it's that important... can anyone say Wall-E??


Captcha - Bologial. I'm dubbing this one a rude term. As in... Twitter is a bunch of bologial.

Brent said...

Would you two link your Twitters?