Sunday, January 4, 2009

B for "But, but but--!"

I checked my grades online and was pretty satisfied, for the most part. I got an A in Chinese, an A in Latin Jazz, a B in Political Science... and a B in Life Drawing!?

I didn't get it. I honestly expected an A.
The final grade was supposedly based on four components: the midterm portfolio, the midterm homework, the final portfolio and the final homework. I know for a fact that I scored A's on my midterm portfolio and homework. When my friend Nick went to get my porfolio from her, he said that she had given me a B+ on my final portfolio (don't get why, I had more A's in that one...), and an A on my homework because I had done so well. I could've guessed that, she loved my homework. So that's 3 A's and a high B; what gives?

I'm not liking this... I need to be getting A's in my art classes. I know a B is still a good grade, even if it's a high B like it probably might be, but still.

It's not an A.

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