Thursday, January 22, 2009

Excited for Spring sem!

Today I went to my school with Christine so we can get things like out parking stickers and a few other things. I got a packet I needed for my nonverbal communications class, which I'm really excited for. It seems really interesting! Apparently it covers "1) theory/research review, 2) mind/body functioning, 3) body image, 4) individual movement style, 5) the use of personal space, 6) congruence of verbal with nonverbal communication, and 7) enhancement of interpersonal relations through practical application." Woohoo! It interests me greatly!

I had to also find out where that class was located, since it was in a building I'd never been in before. It turns out that it's very close to a parking lot I used to park in a lot a few semesters back, but stopped because too many people knew about it after a while. Hopefully I can squeeze in again, I'd hate to have to get aaaall the way over to the structure again. Such lazy talk :P

The subject of body language (and language in general) has always interested me, from the way the American "personal bubble" of space differs from that of the Europeans' to the way you can tell a person's mood. I forgot the percentages, but apparently the greatest part of communication is understood through nonverbal communication like gestures and body language. Second to that is the tone in which you say things, and the actual content of speech carries the lowest percentage. Makes you think, doesn't it?

I'll be sure to tell you aaaall about my classes when they start next Monday!


Brent said...
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Brent said...

Silly Italians. They knew that all along! When you first said nonverbal communication I thought you meant 'sign language', but I guess it's different, but it seems like it would be a very interesting class anyways. I'm curious as to how 5 has anything to do with communication. Also, aren't all these things thrown out the window over IM? How can we compensate for them?! AHHHHHH And of course, the next time we talk, we have to use no facial expressions, movement, or intonation whatsoƫver.

You didn't visit school! That just means I have to visit yours more :D

CAPTCHA: aling, as in 'a linguist is the best profession ever' :D

Jordan said...

Haha, how can 5 NOT have to do with nonverbal communication? The whole personal bubble issue would fall under 5, I would think. Also, think of someone who uses their space a lot by spreading out their limbs or gesturing a lot, that would display openness as opposed to someone who didn't use their personal space as much.