Thursday, January 8, 2009

I didn't need a horoscope page to tell me

that I'm better at adapting than I am at inventing.

It's something I realized as I was playing chess with José (in fact, I'm STILL playing him). I don't go into the game with a strategy in mind (honestly, I'd like to meet someone who does), I just adapt to the other person's game. José won the first game within 20 minutes. We're on the second game now, and we've been dancing for about 40. Chess really isn't my game though, I play by the turn and lack foresight. It's been 50 minutes now, and I just lost.

Same reason why it takes me forever to start any art project on my own. I'm better when someone gives me a prompt... I guess I'll make at least a decent graphic designer.

I'm better at group projects, where I can bounce ideas off others. Believe me, I can bounce like mad XD

Are you better at inventing, or adapting?


Lauren Ashley said...

I definitely think I'm better at adapting... especially with my writing. I have all these ideas, but usually need someone else to corral them in with a plot... once they're in the corral I'm fine... I can get them in order and train them and make them worth presenting to someone, but it's getting them into the corral that's the problem.

Chess really isn't my game, either... though I do enjoy strategies... I just don't like adjusting my strategies... haha.

dude - my word verification is "shvfenio." What the heck is that?

Brent said...

Mine is "deafedly"... as in "he walked around running into everything deafedly".

Jordan said...

I say we start assigning meanings to our captchas!

Shvfenio - a rare wine fermented of green grapes for approximately 97 years and sipped only while the moon is full. Exquisite.

Lauren Ashley said...

I was going to say Shvfenio was a very desirable swedish model... lol. All the girls love Shvenio, even though they can't understand what he says... LOL. :D


Disse - A large water dwelling mammal, specializing in preposterous hypotheses... not to be confused with the the Hiphopopotamus.