Saturday, January 10, 2009

I dreamt of Heaven

Last night I dreamt of Heaven.

I was sitting in a lecture hall where some prestigious theoretical physicist was lecturing. He spoke of other dimensions, signs of such supposed anomalies and how they manifested in different cultures and religions. In the dream I was very much intrigued, as all those topics and how they relate interest me greatly, but right now as I'm awake I can't remember much of the details of the lecture. He then goes on to point out that, in Seventh-Day Adventist belief, when a person dies, his soul is at rest until Judgement Day. When the Second Coming happens, God will rid the Earth of sin and welcome His followers into the Kingdom of Heaven. As the lecturer said this, he played a little animated clip of our Earth as it is now, with cities and smog and disaster, transforming into a "new earth" as it was supposed to be... filled with nature and everything happening naturally.

I woke up with the thought, "New Earth..."

What if that's what Heaven is?
I know nobody at all knows what it's supposed to be like or look like, aside from the fact that it's free of sin. But what if what happens is He just restores our planet? Like another Great Flood or something, but permanent.

This sped me along this fantastical train of thought, like, what if we mess up again? What if the original Garden of Eden was a Heaven for a time before? What if there's a cycle, and God just creates over and over and over again? I wouldn't doubt it, I mean, I do believe in life existing in other worlds. In the New Earth, our Heaven, will humans interact naturally with nature? Do we still rule over everybody? Can we directly ask God for stuff? God, can I please fly? Please?

I don't really expect anyone to spoil me with further thoughts on this, I just wanted to get it all out. It's kinda fun to think about, right?

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Lauren Ashley said...

See, I always hear different terms. Some people say New Earth, some people say New Jerusalem... But I don't think we'll continue to mess up, you know?

For starters, temptation comes from Satan, and he'll be a bit preoccupied in Hell... so, no temptation means no stumbling, yeah?