Friday, January 30, 2009

Listen, everyone.

A man has just given you one million dollars in cold, hard cash.
He tells you that the only thing required of you is that you leave your life right now and move to New Jersey.

Why New Jersey?

Just don't ask questions. They're watching.


You can't take anything with you aside from the money and the clothes on your back. You have to go, now. He's given you your ticket.

And what if I don't go?

That's not an option.


And once you're there you can't buy a ticket back home, nor can you buy a ticket out to anywhere else. You will be watched, and if you disobey...

What will happen?

You will die. Your family will die. Take your pick.

Why is this...

Will you do it?

Will you do it?


Lauren Ashley said...

Yes! Absolutely! An adventure! This sounds like a book I read, and I was like... dang, I want to do that... so... of course I'd do it!


mika said...


Chelsea said...

Well, I guess I HAVE to do it.

I'd move to Atlantic City!

And the rules don't state that I can't tell my family, so they'll at least know where I am.

But I'll probably try to find a way out of it, nonetheless.