Sunday, January 25, 2009

My active brain

My mind is very active, and anyone who knows me well enough knows that I'm quite the "fretter": I tend to fret over little things and overthink situations. A lot of my anxiety is self-induced, needless to say :P

But I want to try an experiment I heard of before: Change the radio to a static station, then take a ping pong ball, slice it in half, and tape the halves over your eyes so you only see its white, hollow inside. Lie down.

What you see will be unchanging and what you hear will be unchanging.
The brain thrives on stimulation, and theoretically in this absence of stimulation, it will start to stimulate itself. Some people see images of horses, some hear voices, etc.

A similar experiment was conducted in which volunteers were left in the dark without sound. They started to freak out basically, claiming that someone had called their name or had touched them when really, nobody had.

I kind of want to try this just to see what my mind will think up. It'll be a great way to think up art projects! But at the same time I'm a little afraid of what my mind will conjure. What if, like a drug, it ends up being a "bad trip," a fear I couldn't express in my art, a fever I couldn't sweat out? I'll admit it, I am afraid of my own mind sometimes. I have dreamt some terrifying things.

When I started doing NaBloPoMo for January, I had intended to post a sketch a day. I haven't scanned anything because I'm too lazy to go downstairs into the office, scan my sketches onto my mom's computer, transfer it to mine, and post it. I had thought that I could get much done over the break. José and I have done 2.5 prompts (not that I'm complaining, things like this take time esp. since he has school), and I don't have many good pieces to show for in my sketchbook, unfortunately.

Again I will bet you anything that I will be re-inspired when I start my classes tomorrow XD

I think I'll draw something in José's notebook that he left with me. We went to the LA Art Show with his brother and sister today. It was really fun, a whole lot of little galleries and fantastic art work. One gallery had works done in blood. It was cow blood, but still. Looking at it made me a little nauseous. There was just so much I couldn't tell you everything. I couldn't even show you everything because they didn't allow photography in most areas. The camera won't hook up with my computer right now, but when I get the pics I'll show ya'll.

Anywho, I'd better get to bed kinda early so's I can be all fresh for classes.

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Lauren Ashley said...

That sounds like a cool experiment! I'll have to do it, see if maybe I get anymore story ideas! :D