Tuesday, January 6, 2009


What a sad, sad, little post.

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1. I was tagged to do this on Facebook, but seeing as I already have one similar to this on Facebook, I'll post it here.
2. I prefer ellipticals to treadmills and bicycling to running.
3. My music taste is composed of most of my friends' music: I hardly search for new music on my own, I usually take recommendations and like what I like :)
4. Most people find me to have a solid personality, but in fact, I'm actually very much effected by what other people think. They don't always manifest, but they constantly feed through me for analysis :P
5. I think "manifest" is one of my favorite words, as is "galaxy." I'LL MANIFEST YOUR GALAXY
6. I'm craving Vienna sausage with eggs and rice right now. Filipino breakfast ftw!
7. I fret a lot... more than I should, really. Things end up way better than I fret about, so I really should just learn my lesson and stop damn fretting XD
8. I'm really interested in the aspect of psychology that goes into personality and how it can MANIFEST in a person's physical appearance, effect their surroundings, behavior, etc. I don't actually formally know anything about it, I should do some research.
9. I want to learn how to play the harp, the bass guitar, and the harmonica ("blues harp" :P).
10. I used to love winter until I moved to California. Winters here are incredibly dry, sapping what moisture is left from my already-dry skin. Bastard lack of humidity.
11. Life Drawing class really made me appreciate arches in the feet more. I love those arches :d
12. Life Drawing class actually gave me new favorite body parts: love handles, the iliac crest, shoulder blades, and the small of your back. Yes, YOUR back.
13. I never really had any problems with body image. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm totally fine with the way my body looks. Now, if we're talking about the way my body WORKS, that's another story...
14. I really, REALLY love 90's dance music. I grew up on that stuff!
15. I love carrying jokes on and on and on into ridiculousness.
16. It really irritates me when, in a discussion solely within the realm of the fiction, some bastard cuts in with, "Oh well, it's just a movie/cartoon/play/book/TV show."
17. The ultimate "test" for new pants for me is sitting down in them. If I can sit down and not feel like my abdomen is being cut into, then I'm good to go.
18. On the topic of pants, I really hate the way girls' pants are sized in like "2" and "4" or "12" or whatever. I want width and length measurements, just like the boys! Apparently women's pants are sized that way to help our fragile self-images. Let me tell you, a size 4 this year is not the same as a size 4 a few years ago! A size 5 at The Gap is not the same as a size 5 at Kohl's! Women do not benefit from being deluded with changing sizes! Let's jsut keep it simple with the measurements, okay? Please? At least that way we're all being honest here.



Lauren Ashley said...


Lauren Ashley said...


:D I just really wanted to say unconstitutional... lol.

CAPTCHA: Singes - the spanish word for sing. XD

mollybob said...

yes! I totally agree with the pants size thing. It's totally wrong that the labels are so misleading. Besides - being a smaller size, I often have to get these "small" pants taken in to fit - I swear they get bigger every year as I am surely not shrinking.