Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quite the eventful Saturday

So today I had to wake up pretty darn early (for a Saturday — 7:45AM) to run some errands, like taking my sister to her band's rummage sale event. My nap following that was only brief, before I had to pick her up again. We went to Staples to get some supplies and then Robeks for our smoothie fix.

Afterward I went to a party at Jose's house. It was a family party, so I got to meet some of his aunts and uncles and cousins. I swear, all Filipino parties are the same! It had all the familiarities of a typical Fil-Am party:
  • Lots of Filipino and/or Chinese food in rectangular tin foil pans
  • "Are you hungry? Come eat!" "No thanks, it's okay!" "Are you sure?" "I'm sure." "Come on, eat!" "Well all right :D!" XD
  • Really loud uproarious laughter
  • All the kids secluded to another room playing games or watching TV or doing whatever else XD
  • Karaoke
  • A cousin named JR
Hehe, I couldn't help the last one. JR is suuuuch a common Filipino name, and that's the cousin I met. He actually graduated from CSULB with a degree in Studio Art - Graphic Design! I freaked out a bit! He switched from computer science and I from mechanical engineering! How crazy is that? It was really cool, we ended up talking about the classes and teachers and the program. It scared me a bit when he said I basically had to kiss ass :P I was planning on sort of befriending some teachers anyway, keeping touch with them as sort of mentors. I should visit JenZen again and talk to her :) She has a tendency to ramble, but I really like her, she's so cool and she helped me a bunch in life drawing. I won't totally kiss ass, but yea. He said the BFA program will take me longer to finish, and that even just the Studio Art with Graphic Design emphasis would be better degree than from other public schools, but yea. Maybe I'm ambitious? :P I'm still scared. I hope I can do this!

JR recommended taking a Concept class with Whitlow. I'll remember that name.

So, I mentioned kids being left to another room to leave the adults sprawled all over the first floor to mingle and talk. Jose, his brother Edward, and JR and I were in his room, watching the Japanese game show Gaki no Tsukai on his computer. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out! Good thing Gaki is now on Hulu! It's glorious, I really can't get enough of that kind of humor.

After I left the party, Mika and I went to Scott's house to hangout. He had originally invited some of our other friends, but it ended up just being us three.
So what we did was watch Friends, play Egyptian War, and eat brownies with ice cream XD Glorious, I say!
Then we moved our hangout over to Barnes & Noble where we just chilled and read magazines. I really wanted to buy the one I was holding, Computer Arts January 2009 issue, but it was 16$. UK mag, that's why. It had all these tidbits of advice for designers, animators, and artists that I really liked. Stuff like, "ideas don't only come from you" (particularly good for me, I wring my brain totally dry trying to come up with something original), "research your idea" and "collaboration is good" and stuff like that. I already know collaboration is good, lol, I love doing it.

Oh also, I bought soup at the cafe there. Chicken noodle soup... it was pretty damn good :d With crackers!

So now I'm home, trying to sketch but nothing's coming out. D: I feel so uncreative!

Also, this is the last post of January.
(nearly) A post a day for the month of January.
I have to say, blogging every day really got some ideas flowing, even though they went down in January. I had the whole month (nearly) of break and didn't post sketches. :(
Hopefully I will when I don't always feel like "Oh yea, I need to post today." Me + commitments = never really a good pair, unfortunately.

So here ends my journey! If you still find me posting every day, shake me up a bit to remind me that I don't gotta anymore. Yes, this means I won't be doing NaBlo for February. It might've been better to do it then actually, the theme is "Want" and there's only 28 days XD Oh well. If you want to join, just click here and follow the instructions on how to put your name on the blogroll.

The theme for January was "Change," and in it we witnessed Obama's inauguration, definitely a landmark change. As for myself, I do realize that the only constant is change, and sometimes a person and his/her motivations, thoughts, and efforts can change without them knowing it.

Thanks to my friends to did NaBlo this month with me too!
You know who you are, Lauren, Chelsea and Justin. :D

Good luck to whoever decides to keep it up!

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Justin said...

Well, I didn't succeed at NaBloPoMo, but I tried! It was fun, and I enjoyed reading your entries!