Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Rush

Traffic backed up all the way up the street, no where to go, it's just a waiting game. Waiting waiting waiting. Three lanes, bottlenecking to one. Why can't all road construction on major streets just happen at night?

There's the onramp, crap, I'm running late. 65, 65 is the speed limit, but I have to get there faster. "4 Minutes" by Justin Timberlake and Madonna come on shuffle (my iPod is forever hidden and plugged in) and my foot becomes heavier on the pedal. Why are all these people so slow? This lane, my lane, that lane, I can't find a way out, wait!, an opening!

I ram the gas pedal and smoothly steer out of my hold. Free lane! The car gets heavier with accumulating speed and I'm in control, I'm so fast, so heavy with acceleration and it feels so good. Another opening, and I slide right in. We only got 4 minutes, a-ah, ah 4 minutes.

I'm heavy again, with each turn I gain more weight. I'm a heavyweight. People are watching me now and thinking, "traffic weaver," and I'm speeding past because I only got 4 minutes.

4 minutes and I'm there.

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