Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Second day of school! Second day of school!

So I wasn't as fired up for today as I was yesterday. I guess I have all my fun classes on MW :P

I had Computer Art first thing in the morning. I was a little afraid of getting kicked out because I didn't have the listed prerequisite for the class, even though my advisor said I could take it. Thankfully I wasn't kicked out, and neither were some other people who apparently hadn't taken the prereq (I could tell because some of them only knew like one program, like Photoshop). I know a little more than that, meaning Photoshop AND Illustrator (big whoop XD), so I think I should be good. The teacher I have for this class is fairly new, she said this is her 2nd semester teaching here, and she's going to tie our curriculum in with a NASA art competition. WHOA! This totally ties in with my Astronautics and Space class, sorta! I actually kept nodding off during this class as well, and felt like I lost the steam I was blowin' yesterday. It totally felt like three-quarters through the semester all over again! Also, this class and typography are art classes where I don't really know what to expect, unlike foundation drawing and life drawing. It'll be fun!

I then tried to add the class High Renaissance Art in Italy, and will probably get in. The professor was really nice and said that all of us petitioners will probably get in. Hurray! Surprisingly, I didn't fall asleep during that class. I normally do for art history, but the way she lectured kept me awake: it helps if you can tell that your teacher is genuinely interested in teaching the subject as she is about the subject itself.

All my professors this semester are women, hahaha. Just a random observation.

Anyway, the ball is rollin' and I got goin'!

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Chelsea said...

I'm glad you got into your other class!

Man, I also hate it a lot when the teacher just has a monotone voice, not interesting, just sort of stands there. It really gives you way too many opportunities to fall asleep!

That's how my Political Science class was! Longest hour and a half EVER!