Monday, January 12, 2009

What are your favorite color schemes?

Mine are dark cerulean/light green, wine red/gold, and sometimes hot pink/orange.

What are yours?
(Also, yes, I realize that the colors I chose up there aren't so exact XD)

Sorry that that was a sad excuse for an entry, guys, but I had like 10 minutes on the clock :P
So I'm thinking of going back to tegakie, and if/when I do, you'll actually be able to see the sketches I come up with. Yay! There's also an option to link back to each entry there, so I'll do that and stuff. My tablet still works with my computer, so that's good.

Speaking of artstuff, José and I were supposed to play around with Brendel's airbrushing set, but he wasn't able to get a compressor, so we just went to Pop Monster. Apparently they buy and sell the work of local artists! I should czech it out sometime. It's pretty close to my old workplace. I should czech them out too, just to see what's up. But yea, I've aaaalways wanted to try airbrushing since it's so versatile and cool; they're so expensive though! I think Brendel just became my new best friend. Just kidding ;P

Inspiration-wise I might've sagged a little from seeing the work of some brilliant artists. It happens. I'll get back on my feet again.


Chelsea said...

I enjoy Sky Blue, Various Greens (Mostly Lime Green or Dark Forest Green), Orange, Pink, and Browns.

That's about my wardrobe right there. XD

Captcha: Hypildri (sounds like a pokemon)

Lauren Ashley said...

I like most colors with a bit of black, or white if I'm feeling particularly cheery...

I like how you used czech, too... lol.

Chelsea said...

Brendel stole that airbrush from AX in 2006. XD