Thursday, January 29, 2009


The song is really, really catchy.

So I just watched America's Best Dance Crew tonight! Quest was sexy, SO SEXY, SO UNBELIEVABLY SEXY! I can't get over how three of them like flipped and rolled over each other, so clean, so BLINDFOLDED. That's nuckin' futs.

Beat Freaks was surprisingly very good tonight. They didn't really impress me until tonight, actually. Adding a bit of femininity to the performance right after the whole man-dancing was just awesome.

Dynamic Edition remains one of my favorites although I must admit they didn't perform their best tonight.

I kind of want to dance again XD I was yay-close to taking Social Dance this semester, but only if I didn't get into the Art History class, which I did. While I was sitting out on the grass during break today one of my friends from Latin Jazz last year passed me by, and she's actually taking an Intermediate Jazz class over at Long Beach City College. Not a bad idea... I do want to start dancing, it feels very good. I should probably look into some yoga first, to kind of prep my body, especially after having gotten out of physical therapy.

Now bask in the greatness!

A few hours before ABDC came on my sister and I watched the MTV show Made. In this episode, a theatre geek wanted to impress the ladies by becoming a hip-hop dancer. His Made coach kept making him do all these weird things to supposedly make him more "hip-hop"... at one point she told him to unbutton his jeans so they can sag, and she even deleted all the songs off his iPod and replaced them, claiming that when chicks see that he's listening to hip-hop, they'll like him.

I toootally disagree with both of those.

I may not know much about hip-hop culture aside from its street-activism roots and the Four Elements, but I don't think sagging your pants makes you hip-hop, or that girls automatically go wild over a dude who tunes into hip-hop. Oh yea, when he saw the lack of his own songs on his iPod, he said, "You can't delete Frankie Valli!"


In the end the dude ended up being a decent dancer, he scored a date with the girl of his dreams, and while he did dress more "hip-hop," his pants didn't sag (they were just baggy and stuff). Hurray!

After the show I asked my sister what she'd want to get "Made" into, and she said hip-hop dancer as well, hahaha. I'd probably say the same thing actually, just because I know it's something I'm totally inherently bad at! Maybe I'd want to be made into like, a funk bass player or something. I've always wanted to learn how to do that.

Anyone wanna teach me bass?


Jordan: Hok from Quest...
Jose: Oh, okay then.


Lauren Ashley said...

Saddest story ever - I hate Made. HATE it. And here's why: When I was in High school, one of my friends got on Made. She wasn't a best friend, but we were still friends, and we were pretty close. She knew the guy I liked, knew a lot about me. So she gets "made," and they toss out her glasses, get her contact lenses, do her hair up real nice, make her gorgeous. She wasn't very popular before, and all of the sudden BAM, super popular.

And she became a bitch... and asked out the guy she knew I liked... and they started dating XD... she got a little smidgen of popularity and exploded, and stopped talking to all of us, started hanging out with the "cool" crowd... it really sucked. I haven't spoken to her since... all I know is that, by senior year, she was back to how she was, and didn't have friends anywhere... so yeah... I'm not a fan of Made haha.

Captcha: Tayismsh. I don't even have a witty comeback for that.

Jordan said...

Yea while I was watching I was wondering that, like, is the theatre kid not gonna hang out with his theatre friends anymore? Coz that's all messed up. D: