Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yes yes, I missed a post

Yesterday, because I didn't have access to the internet.
What a crazy weekend!

Yesterday we the family went down to San Bernardino to see my mom's side of the family. Went to church there, then congregated at my grandma's house before splitting into separate parties: FSK (aka my cousins and I = Kelsey, Alexa, Mika, me) went to a friend's birthday party and I think the moms n' aunts went shopping. I really don't know what else they might've done :P

After the party we scooped up Kelsey's boyfriend Christian and went to Kelsey's for some movies, Twister, and Connect Four. We had to sleep early that night, coz the next morning...

We woke up early so we can head to Mtn. High. Kyle and his family came down from Torrance too :) So we all went up there, fully intending to get to play freely in the snow (Kyle wanted to snowboard) but when we got there we found out that they didn't allow personal sleds (that Kyle's family brought) and that if Kyle wanted to snowboard he needed to buy some expensive package. So much for planning the trip! The only thing we could really do was slide down some slopes with inflatable tube things. At first we were all bummed out, but when we got on the tubes, we were having fun! Ahh, the thrill of going down a hill. We often went in pairs, going on our stomachs and butts and whatnot.
One time Kyle and I went as a pair, I on my stomach and he just sitting. I don't really know what happened, but somewhere down the slope my tube slipped out from under me and I was being plowed down the snow by Kyle on HIS tube! My glove slipped off, I had no idea where my tube was, and after rolling around and being run over by Kyle I was just sprawled out in the middle of the thing. My shoulder blade hurt. I was a little dazed for a while and panting, but I got up and collected my tube and glove and went back up with Kyle XD Apparently nobody else from our group saw it! I wish somebody had recorded it... it must've been a hilarious wipeout :P

After snowtubing we ate at Applebee's, that was surprisingly very filling. My first experience at Applebee's was, admittedly, not very good, but this one redeemed itself XD After that we pretty much just chilled out back at Kelsey's house and then went home.

Staying true to what I had said concerning missed posts in this here entry, I managed to get in a few drawings on the Saturday I missed. I'm rather proud of them too... so I won't post them til I can get them scanned. Otherwise you'll have some crappy webcam shot of them. I'm a little hesitant to color them in with colored pencil, but we'll see how I feel about that later. It's basically a throwback to a very common theme for artists to explore: the signs of the western zodiac. I've done projects where I personified them before, and this is yet another iteration of that. I'll repeat all that when I actually get them posted :P

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