Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yet another health update

Tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy. Apparently the period of time in which I can keep scheduling appointments expires on the 18th, and tomorrow is the last day my therapist is in. I'm happy to say that all her work has totally paid off, the breathing problems are less frequent and I have better general mobility in my upper back. I'm still gonna have to take it easy on that, but yea. My right shoulder blade, the original problem causer, has started to hurt again. It cracks and pops, but Korey (therapist) said it was normal, and that it's a "neat party trick" XD I sure hope that's all it is. It's weird... it started with the shoulder blade, then the pain moved to my upper back, then to my ribs, and back over to my shoulder. According to some friends familiar with physical therapy, you know it's working when the pain moves around, because usually all the problems are interconnected. So I'm happy those were all able to be worked out :) Now for that pesky shoulder blade...

Aside from that, I've been having these doubly painful sinus headaches. It's been going on for a good while now, coupled with runny nose and such. I thought it was just a cold, but why the hell would a cold last for like 3 weeks?
Today Korey mentioned that in the news, the most common problem doctors are being confronted with in the past week is really bad sinus headaches and stuff. I jumped on that, hey, I have that! What's going on? She said they're all allergies caused by the SANTA ANA WINDS.

So the Santa Ana winds are supposed to be very very dry, which makes sense because I'm extremely sensitive to dryness. I just didn't know it can cause this kind of pain.

The body I wear is much too fragile for the life I lead :(

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