Sunday, February 8, 2009

And now I'll post!

So funnily enough, I've been sketching like mad ever since I lost the "obligation" to (the one I had for January's NaBloPoMo). I guess January saw the change of heart I had, right? Right? This means I need to get my ass over to a scanner, stat.

According to my friend Brendel, "stat" as used in the actual OR doesn't really mean "immediately" or whatever. He said it can mean like, "within the next 15 minutes or so." I found that kind of funny :P He knows this because he works in the OR.

I've had a pretty good past few days, so I decided I should blog about it!

On Friday I got to hang out with Scott, who was amazingly in town! We had lunch at In-N-Out and then we shopped around so he can buy gifts for his little brother. He doesn't really have one, just in the fraternity. How cute :) Later on, Scott, Mika, her friend Hana, and Jose and I went to watch the movie Coraline. It's based off a book by Neil Gaiman (I'm currently reading his American Gods, courtesy of Jose), and it's directed by the same guy who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas (no, not Tim Burton).

It was incredible.

I was totally reminded of why I love stop motion so much. I don't know why. Sure, it's not as smooth as CG, and you can totally tell, especially at the beginning, but I somehow love that aesthetic. It gives it character and a certain quirkiness of imperfection that I totally eat right up.
Okay, I'm going to talk about the movie, and it'll be spoilerific. If you want to read it, just hilight between the asterisks.
First of all, I thought the opening scene where Other Mother is stitching up the Coraline doll was kind of creepy on its own. Moving on~
I really love the plot of this movie, and how much the characters lend themselves to it, especially Coraline. The foolish, unhappy little girl that gets herself into a big mess. I really loved Coraline's character and how it's just so strong, and it totally shows in all her actions and everything! From all her exploring to her sarcasm and stubbornness. THE MUSIC, oh man, I loved the music! That weird little children-chanting motif really gave it a great fantasy feel.
I loved the art. My WIRED magazine mentioned that over 200 facial plates were used for Coraline's facial expressions. The stop-motion animation was a little rough at the beginning... but then it got smoother near the middle, which lead me to suspect that part of it was CG'd. It's either that, or the crew got the hang of doing smoother stop-motion by then.
I loved how she's a frigging SPIDER! And how they showed her slowly turning into one. Seriously, everything about that other world was so creepy, starting from when the Other Dad was letting slip all these clues about how evil Other Mother is. I think the scariest scene was when Coraline was making her way through the tunnel back into her world, and the door to the other world kept banging and getting closer and Other Mother kept screaming and crap... I mean, that was SO SCARY. The way it was filmed was so effectively creepy! Man, I want the DVD once it comes out. I also need to read the book. Coraline Coraline Coraline!

Oh yea, Russian dude's the best character. ;)

I don't do reviews because I enjoy movies rather than analyze them, so all that was pretty much just rambling and gushing about it.
After the movie Mika, Jose and I went back to our place and chilled out, ate soup and toast with Nutella and drew. Then we played chess. He keeps beating me, and while I hate that I'm not as good with strategy as I'd once thought, I hate even more that I'm kind of a sore loser about it. I had my little sulky fit that night but then got over it.

Saturday (which I want to call "today", because I'm still awake) I went to church. It's been a while since I went, but it was great. I always feel better somehow after having gone to church, like I just took a refreshing shower. There was this kid there, looked to be about 12-years-old, on the drums, and he was amazing! He put so much energy into his drumming XD

Afterward, my mom, sister, and auntie Joy and I went to watch He's Just Not That Into You. Yes, two movies in a row! I won't block out a gushy paragraph for this one because I didn't feel as strongly about it. It was rather good, though. I read some of the book, which was funny :D

Then we (sans Auntie Joy) went to go babysit Sammy! WOOOO! God I love her. There was a period of time when my mom and sister were gone to get food, leaving me and Sammy alone in the apartment. She had just eaten, and I was trying to burp her. She threw up EVERY TIME I PUT HER DOWN. It's like, I kept trying to burp her on my shoulder and she just wouldn't do it! She was also really, really fussy, I didn't know what to do with her. The only thing that placated her was being carried around the house, which hurt my wrist because she was so heavy.

When we got home, Jose invited me out with his friend Jason and some others to dinner. I had already eaten, but I decided to go anyway. He and Jason together are so hilarious XD I don't even want to begin to say all the silly things they did, it'd make no sense. SPEARED PICKLE?

And now I'm home.
Go see Coraline.


mika said...

lol you spelled hannah wrong :)
and dudeeee udhgjdfh i love coraline

so so much

Brent said...

I'm going crazy anticipating this movie!!