Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back once again for the Renegade Wonder!

I'm back on 9thWonders!

For those who aren't aware, 9thWonders is the Official/Unofficial Fan Site for Heroes. Nearly 2 years ago (it will be on the 18th!) I joined after getting into the show halfway through its first season. That's actually where I first used my current handle/nickname, "theJollity." I was really active from that time, until around halfway through the 2nd season — I did fanart, fanfiction, interacted with the members there (who I still talk to to this day), damn near everything! I started to drop off because I got busy, and I wasn't that into Heroes for the 2nd and 3rd season. That's not to say I didn't watch it, but I didn't think very highly of it.

Now that it's back in the, I guess latter half of its 3rd season, I'm starting to like it again. I returned to 9thWonders tonight and was actually welcomed back by one of the mods (you still rule, wolfus~). I frequented it so much back in the day that I was totally well-known, and people still remembered me, and even though it's online I still felt kinda cool.

I can't pinpoint why I started to like the recent episodes. Maybe the pacing is closer to how it was in the first season: each episode was mostly self-contained, with elements that allowed for it to be tied into future episodes. I felt like the 2nd and 3rd season tried to cram a lot into a little, particularly the first half of the 3rd season.

ALSO, another Noah-centric episode next?! YES. Back to the glory days! "Company Man" back in season one was definitely one of my favorite episodes.

I don't watch TV much, but oddly enough, having a show to keep looking forward to is very nice. I've got two now: Heroes and ABDC!

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Lauren Ashley said...

Company Man solidified my love for Noah!!!!! :D I can't wait for this next one! And it's good to have you back at 9th! Gives ME something to look forward to! :D