Monday, February 23, 2009

Home sick / Oscar talk

Not to be confused with "homesick."

I think I've been sick with the cold for about 5 days now. I tend to get sick for a long time, so this is kind of normal for me. Thursday it started out feeling just like allergies, then Friday it felt better, so I partied it up at Jose's birthday shindig. Saturday felt worlds worse than the other two days COMBINED and yesterday, Sunday, Jose actually came over. He'd been trying to come over the whole weekend, but I kept telling him he'll die if he comes near me, but that boy is tenacious and I sure wanted the oranges he promised to bring.

Not only did he bring oranges, but he also brought calamansi (which he made a nice little tea out of), pancit palabok (we all love Filipino food!), and CAKE! I am never going to get better. I frigging love cake. I'm a little pig when it comes to cake, even if it's cheap-ass store-bought cake. Good thing I'm negating all this sugar with water...

It meant a lot to me that he wanted to come over even though I am essentially a bag of germs.

We ended up watching the Oscars and thoroughly enjoying it! Partly because of Hugh Jackman. Was that opening number gold or what? Jose thought it was a total byproduct of the "Youtube generation" and that it looked "Sweded" (those of you who saw Be Kind Rewind know what I mean). I thought the same way, and it was a way to make fun of the economic crisis (since Jackman did say that that's how it's done because of lack of money). Jose's good at putting his (and my) thoughts into very few words, a trait I admire about him. I guess that's why he's an English major.

I was really happy to see Wall-E nominated more than once, although what Jack Black said about doing a Dreamworks movie and then betting all the money he got from it on Pixar come the Oscars was a TOTAL BURN. Seriously. I loved Kung Fu Panda, but we all know who takes the cake in animation.

There were a lot of movies there that I wanted to see, like Doubt, The Wrestler and above all, Slumdog Millionaire. I'll admit, when I first heard the title I thought it was some kind of 8 Mile-esque hoodlum movie. Am I wrong to glean that from the title alone? When my friend told me that it has a "total Bollywood ending" I was like STOP.



I've never actually seen any Bollywood films, but there was a time when I was obsessed with Bollywood (or maybe just Indian pop and dancing... which Bollywood has). So I got intrigued. I looked up a short synopsis (didn't want to spoil myself, now) of the film, and the premise is definitely interesting: a "slumdog" joins a game show (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) and is weirdly good at it and apparently they suspect he's cheating so drama ensues and all that jazz.

After seeing that musical performance with the songs from Slumdog Millionaire and Wall-E (John Legend!), after seeing it win 8 Oscars, after seeing bits and pieces of it throughout the show... I really, really want to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

Oh yea, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button earned quite a hefty bit as well. Good movie, good movie. I wanted to see Milk too. Maybe I'll catch Slumdog with someone who hasn't already seen it when I'm all better. Maybe I'll make Jose come with me. I'm sure Mika wants to see it, too.

Jose wanted to come over again if I was still feeling sick today. I am, so maybe I'll see him again later. I might make him watch Phantom of the Opera (he hasn't seen it!!)... I wanted to last night, but we watched the Oscars instead. Then I remembered, oh damn, what if we cut into Heroes time? Tonight's a Noah-centric episode, so it's bound to be epic!

...It's cool, I'd rather spend time with him :)
And 'sides, I can always catch it online XD Thank you, Hulu!

Oh, last thought I wanted to tack on...
My aunt invited me to attend a day of FREE DANCE CLASSES over at some dance academy in Hollywood. How sweet is that? They have classes like Hip-Hop, Popping, Breaking, Jazz and... and Bollywood.



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Christian | 肖克 [Xiāo Kè] said...

Hi Jordan, Salut!!!
I better won't ask something like 'how are you?'...I'm sure you will feel much better very soon. I just have one question about your Blog's headline/Blog-title...I am sure it is French..., but now to the linguistic/context question: Do you mean 'without reason'(=without cause) or do you mean that 'without mind'(=brainless, without intellect?)...I am not intending to offend you in anyway...I just like your blog entries and want to make sure I have the right picture & association of your blog entries in my mind... sending you my Best Regards from Germany, Chris a.k.a. 肖克 [XiaoKe]

Post Scriptum: Of course I also like the picture of you...looks so honest/real...and hey even being sick you look wonderful...that fact definitely has a reason!!!