Saturday, February 21, 2009

John Legend, you touch me

But not like that.
I love John Legend, I really do. Whenever I find a new song of his to totally love over, I feel like maybe I can relate but not really? I guess I'm only really talking about two songs here. It feels like I could've felt this way, were I in that situation. But I'm not. I love the songs anyway.

Alex once asked me if I could identify any musical artist that really "spoke" to me, like every song they wrote just spoke for my feelings. I can't really say. I almost said Muse, but they're just my favorite band, I don't necessarily identify with everything they put out. Back in middle and high school I was pretty much "THAT IS SO ME RIGHT NOW" over Linkin Park, but who wasn't?

Anyway, here are some John Legend songs for your enjoyment~


Everybody Knows

And man, I STILL want the sheet music to "Someday"!

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