Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar Rush

My current Facebook status is set to "Jordan G is getting rather adept at figuring out new ways she can develop diabetes in the future."

That's there because at the moment I was eating strawberry ice cream with a madeline in it (you know, those delicious little French cookies that are 130 calories and God-knows-how-much sugar apiece?), and thought I could make it even more delicious if I drizzled it in Nutella. That's a lot of sugar. Nearly as bad as when I put butter, syrup, Nutella, and then whipped creme on my Eggo waffles. I got sick to my stomach all of a sudden. I think of this stuff all the time. When I was a little girl, I thought it'd be absolutely bomb if I made a desert pizza, which would consist of:
  • A soft-cookie crust
  • Some kind of fruit jam spread
  • ...with ice cream
  • Random candies as toppings
  • Drizzled in Nutella (nothing is complete until drizzled in Nutella)
  • ...and whipped cream
Sometime last year Domino's had advertised their own dessert pizza, but it was just like an Oreo pizza, and I wouldn't touch it with a 10-meter pole.

So all that inspired my rather innocent, humourous Facebook status.

Then the thought hit me again, That's a lot of sugar. You know when a feeling suddenly weighs down upon you? I had that; I had a certain feeling of dread slowly press down upon me like a sack of flour. Flour used for baking. Baking pastries. Pastries drizzled in Nutella. Mmm, Nutella.

Anyway, that made me realize that I should maybe start reining in the sugar intake. My body hasn't suffered any consequences now — my blood tests within the past 2 years have been completely normal, and I'm not morbidly obese — but it may in the future. Diabetes runs in my family, and it seems to be a huge medical setback. I don't like medical setbacks. They say that what you put in when you're young often shows up in your body when you're older, and I can only hope I'm not too late to kind of alter my ways. I dunno, I've eaten relatively healthily... I eat vegetables when I can, whenever it's there, and it's there pretty often (thank you, Mommy). I like soups and salads... hell, I'll eat just salad for a meal. Salads, especially with meat in it, make great meals, because they don't have as much carbs to make you full so fast so you can just keep eating and eating those things, stuffing yourself with greens, giving yourself gas. I'm rambling now.

So yes, reining in the sugar intake. It sounds like something related to what my New Year's resolution was, which was improving my immune system. Many glasses of water and orange juice later, I'm not sick anymore. The dryness still gets to me, but what can ya do. Looks like I have another slight dietary change to look forward to.

But first let me finish this Zebra Hot Chocolate.


Brent said...

We JUST had dessert pizza in the dining hall! Except it was more waffly than pizza-y. I'm making the same cutbacks that you are, except for me it's salt. Everything tastes so bland now... :(

Chelsea said...

I've had to take away the sugar myself for my teeth. My family has horrid teeth. So I barely drink soda. Obesity also runs in the family (hee, runs) so I've been fighting the hell out of that my whole life too!

Life is a FIGHT! It would be boring if it weren't because if we all had it good to begin with, then we wouldn't appreciate it as much.

mika said...

dude, dessert pizza sounds gross. you've always been a sugar junkie :( lol and i gots the love for SALTY SCHTUFF