Thursday, March 12, 2009


In about one more month, I will allow myself to eat dessert foods again.

Since I'm not Catholic, I've never been required to participate in giving up anything for Lent, but this year I gave it a shot when it dawned on me that I had an incredible sweet tooth and that I should cut back because diabetes runs in my family. It was rather opportune, and Lent gave me the push I needed.

It was hard at first, to determine what "sweets" I would give up. Some of them were obvious: ice cream, cake, cookies, brownies, but others weren't. Did yogurt count? Yogurt was healthy. What about various pastries? Those lemon loafs from Starbucks? I decided to say "dessert foods." I still eat sweet cereals and drink chocolate milk, though. Skipping on the Nutella. Perhaps next time I try to give something up for Lent I'll make it a little more definite, like chocolate, where you can't make a mistake as to what "counts" or not (you know, white chocolate is not really a chocolate...).

I've noticed a few things on my adventures without sweets.
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If only the bear claws in my school vending machines were like that

Today I went into the school art store to peruse some art magazines and look for a snack to eat. I was surprised to discover that my choices had been sliced in half thanks to my Lenting. Is that a word? It is now.

Most of the things I'd consider getting were scratched from my choices: cake loaves, danishes, cookies, candy, brownies... there were a LOT of them. I told myself I wouldn't include pastries, but if they're sweet enough I figured I'd include them too. Man, those bear claws. I usually get those because I'm not a big chips or crackers gal, too dry for me.

This past Sunday I met up with Jose and G to talk about a prospective comic project (more on that in the future, possibly) at Starbucks, and while getting some drinks I almost bought a cake loaf without thinking. Obviously I thought about it, so I stopped myself. Mika said that if I can make it through Lent without caving, she'd buy me a ColdStone cup :d I smell a "That's How I Roll" in the future, and I "Love It!"

So just from all this, it's pretty obvious that I have a good sweet tooth going on. As if my nonstop cake-eating that went on shortly after Jose's birthday didn't already give it away. I hope that I can cake—take, TAKE!—something from all this and not just go back to my sweet-binging ways after Lent is done. I don't want diabetes :(

Something kind of freaky also happened, I dont know if I want to connect it to my current lack of sweets or not. I recently went to the doctor and she weighed me in at 97 pounds. That's horrifying. I can also factor in the fact that I hadn't eaten before seeing her, and within the course of a day a person's weight fluctuates about 2-3 pounds, but still! I've lost quite a bit of weight! People looking to lose weight, TAKE NOTE!

People often tell me how "lucky" I am to have such a slim figure, and I do suppose I am. Thank God for my fast metabolism. Even so, I don't want to be horrifyingly skinny. I don't think I am right now, I've got some curves, but it still scares me a little to be this light. It makes me feel fragile, and that's one thing I hate being.

I've come to the conclusion that I NEED MY CAKE DAMMIT! It keeps the junk in the trunk where it needs to be! :P

But I'll still hold out. I want that ColdStones.

And the satisfaction, of course.


Chelsea said...

I remember I went through Lent a couple of times during high school for the same reasons as you. I think one year is was Soda and the other is was Sweets! I remember even though I WAS swimming a ton a week, I lost weight anyway and felt a lot better. But my sweet tooth totally got the best of me in the end.

I should give up sweets again like I gave up beef. And when I go out to dinner, my choices are also cut in half! I gave up soda too for my mouth, but recently I've been skimping on it. Gotta get on the wagon, Chelsea!

I guess giving up bad food is easier for me than exercising.

I'm glad you're sticking to it, but I guess what you and I both need to learn about is self control rather than giving up something entirely. But I have little self control, lol, when I slip, I sliiiiiiiide down.

Melissa said...

It's a little easier to skip on Starbucks; it's a building, I don't go into it! But I have to say I wouldn't be able to do what you're doing, although it would leave me plenty healthier.

A few summers ago I "dieted" similarly... if I did eat anything sweet, it was in very small portions; 2 cookies max, no matter what kind, 4 Kisses, tiny slice of cake; sooner or later it became rather natural.

Dunno where that went XD I want it back!

GOOD LUCK! I think the best would be if it became a habit to keep for life, you know?

I don't have any self-control either, Chelsea. I make something horribly fattening and covered in chocolate every weekend. How's that for a bad habit?