Monday, March 2, 2009

Heroes tonight

Okay fellas, this is mostly to test out the new under-the-cut feature I pulled off a nifty tutorial. If you've ever been to LiveJournal or Wordpress, you might've seen this feature put to use: on the main page you have a post, and a link you can click on to expand the post. It's really helpful for long entries, especially those with a lot of pictures or videos embedded.

Also really helpful for spoilers!

Therefore, to read my opinion on tonight's episode of Heroes, just click and go "under the cut!"

The Cut!

'Sup party people! Is this thing on?

Okay, so yes, I am apparently "among the few" still watching Heroes. A lot of people fell out after they realized that the 2nd season sucked a bit, and the Writer's Strike didn't really help. Like a good little fan, I stuck around for Volumes 2 and 3, and now we're on 4: Fugitives.

Heroes seems to be slowly getting back to its feet. Volume 4 is looking good so far, what with Nathan and his troop of baddies rounding up the specials and whatnot. Granted they've only really started rounding them up one at a time.

I actually feel like the plot is running around in circles. How many times are we going to have to sit through fake Petrelli-brother hugs and Peter flying away and almost getting shot at? Seriously?

In tonight's episode, "Exposed," Sandra (Claire's loving adoptive mother) was pretty much a BAMF.

"How do you know how to make a fake I.D.??"

"I'm going to the movies with my son, is that a federal threat?"

They need to get the plot moving. I might be harder now because a lot of the magic of season 1 was discovering the heroes and their abilities, and everyone had a clear objective: Peter wanted to figure things out, Claire was testing her abilities and angsting over being a freak, Matt was trying to juggle his ability into his life, Mohinder wanted to further his father's research, and Sylar wanted more powers.

Oh, don't get me started on Sylar.

During Volume 2, I kind of like what they were doing to him: stripping him of his powers and holding him captive? Sounds like a nice fall from grace, after being stabbed by Hiro. I hated what they did to him in Volume 3 though. Please, what's with all the sudden subjectivity to Mommy and Daddy issues? Angela shows him a little love and all of a sudden he's everybody's lapdog?

He's still got the Daddy issues, but at least it's more focused now. He's spent the past few episodes finding his dad. Hopefully he finds him soon, I don't want this dragged out too long. Remember the wonderful, arc, Heroes? Use it! I rather enjoyed the little flashbacks Sylar had. But "Mommy... Mommy..."? CHEEEEESSSYYYYYY even for MY tastes!

Oh yea, and I really want to see this whole Rebel thing taken to another level. I haven't been keeping up with the off-show stuff even though I get texts from Rebel, but I hope they reel some exposure of Rebel into the show soon. That'd make for a more interesting plot point. Is it yet another organization hellbent on the acquisition of supers, or a lone rogue just lookin' out?

We'll just have to find out!

Was that fun or what? :D


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