Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I could eat nothing but WHAT for a year?

Either Italian or Indian, or if I really wanted to be cheap and encompass a LOT, then I can just go with "Mediterranean" ;)


Yesterday I ate an Indian dinner with Jose at this really cool place called Red Fort just in Torrance-town. We ordered the Spicy Chicken Vindaloo and the Lamb Tikka Masala, along with some naan. Although I claim Indian food to be among my favorites, I don't actually eat it very often, but every time I do is like slipping into culinary heaven.

Before Indian food I actually couldn't stand spicy food. No Mexican food for me, no Korean food, so why all of a sudden Indian food, which is notorious for their spices? There's something about the flavor that's difficult to explain. I feel like the Indian brand of spicy has more flavor than that of other cuisines, such as Mexican or Korean (no offense, I'm just going by my own experiences). Not only that, but they have several side-dishes and sauces and drinks that work to balance out the spiciness such as mango chutney (I almost can't eat Indian food without it), this sweet ranch-like sauce I forgot the name of (although it might be more Middle Eastern than Indian), mango lassi (fffff I love mango!), and of course, chai. Ya'll do know that milk cancels out spicy, right? Not water! As for the mango chutney, it's essentially mango jelly, and the first time I tried it I was like, "Why on Earth would I put fruity jelly on my spicy meat?" But, dear God, it's genius.

The place was very nice too, it was very well put together with a sweet entrance and a red theme going on—hence, Red Fort. They had a huge screen playing Indian music videos (on what appeared to be an Indian version of MTV), and it sat atop a very small stage, almost unnoticable til I had to visit the restroom (which I did a lot to blow my nose—I love Indian food, but I'm not yet immune to it!). There was also a little disco light ball on the ceiling, and Jose and I wondered if they held events. The service was great as well, and every now and then a guy with a great beard and turban asked us how we were doing. At the end of our meal he told us all about their buffet, which has a surprising amount of food. Definitely going back! He was really nice too, I think he was the manager.

So yea, Indian food, love it to bits.

But when it comes to something that might sustain me for a year, I'd probably go with Mediterranean, since it's got both saucy and fresh. I suppose Indian cuisine has some cool freshness to it, too, I just haven't tried enough. Are you a fan of Indian food? Would you let someone smitten by it (namely, me) know about your favorites?

Of course, I can also go an entire year just eating Filipino food.

Which I spend most of my year eating anyway.

Mama's cookin' never gets old!

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