Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mmm, relief!

I've got noooo homework this weekend!

Probably because everything was due this week:

* Final version of the radio station logotype for Typography
* Choice of Work and Preliminary References for Art History
* Outline, Proposal, and References for Astronautics

That last one was a doozy. I only thought I needed to type up the outline, but when I looked at the assignment again it said I needed a 500+ word proposal and references! I kind of mad-dashed it, but it's okay since it's like a draft. I'd rather turn it in like that than late.

I was really happy with my logotype for graphic design, a lot of people seemed to like it :)

The assignment was to redesign the logo of any existing radio station. We had to be thinking about the genre of music being played, the target audience, among other things to determine our design. It also had to look decent when shrunken down, because a logo needs to be recognizable enough to become an identity and go on business cards, letterheads, posters, etc.

I picked San Francisco's Energy 92.7FM!

More about the logo here!
I went with a sort of "night club" vibe, since it plays a lot of dance music and remixes, stuff you'd usually find in a dance club. So that explains the neon colors. I went for a hip, modern look to target a young audience since most of the dance music is contemporary and not 70's or 80's. I used black in the background to amp up the neons and bring the whole thing together.

I put a pulse behind the "92.7fm pure dance" and equalizers inside the "energy" because they're both easily recognizable symbols for dance music. Why? Because they're electronic symbols for sound, and the modern dance music and remixes energy92.7fm plays utilize plenty of electronic effects. I actually had to reason this all out in a creative brief. Luckily it's all pretty straightforward. Our professor said that many artists often just "do what feels right" and don't really know how to explain it because jump from point A to E without really stopping to think about the reasoning and referencing that occured in points B, C, and D. Luckily I like to reason and analyze ;) It isn't such a good thing when I analyze BEFORE making art, but I think this system where I make art then analyze it works for me.

Do you like it? :)

I installed Adobe CS3 onto my laptop, so now I can do all this fun stuff like play with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. There are other programs and I wasn't sure if I needed them or not but I kept them anyway. Together they only take up almost 6GB.

I actually look forward to typography assignments now. They're way fun :)

And I get to post what I did here! :D
(Provided that none of you steal it. Please don't. At least not without my permission.)

Oh yea, I got my face painted today by a lovely young man sitting in the grass with a group that had signs like "FACE PAINTING" and "FREE HUGS." His name was Dave, and he told me to have a beautiful weekend!

Yes, I got two. That is a Sun, and that is a purple Q for QUEST!

ABDC Finale tonight! Check it!

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