Sunday, March 1, 2009

My day of dance

Today Jose and I went to Hollywood's International Dance Academy to take free dance classes! My Auntie Amy had told me about it earlier. Can you believe that, an entire day of free dance classes! There were so many classes like hip hop, R&B choreography, breaking, salsa, Bollywood, jazz technique, and so much more.

We had planned to get there at 11AM to start off with the salsa class, but we ended up getting there at 11:20. Instead we watched the beginning toprock class, until the instructor said we can join in! So we did, and I'm glad for it: it's definitely the class I feel I got the most out of. For those who don't know, toprocking is like the basic step for breaking. I've never really wanted to describe any dance as "catchy," but toprocking is definitely catchy. I can see why Jose does it all the time!
Oh yea, our instructor also told us that their studio is the place where the crews from America's Best Dance Crew practice. Sure enough, "AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW" was totally graffiti'd on the wall. SWEET! I should've snapped a photo of it.

Afterward we stuck around with the same instructor for the hip-hop class. I was a little disappointed by the fact that it was all just choreography to a specific song instead of some moves I can use for a lot of songs... when I told Jose this he said that I liked freestyling more. I guess in theory you should be able to pull what you learn from choreo'd things into freestyling, but whatever. The hip-hop class was really fun though, there were so many people and the instructor, Duo, was awesome. His choreography was great :) I think I even like the song we danced to, despite the fact that I'm really not into this kind of hip-hop XD I just now associate it with an experience I enjoyed~

After hip-hop I attended the Bollywood class and Jose was going to sit out because he has "no interest in the Indian subcontinent." So I gave him my backpack and caught up on our moves. Two minutes later, Jose came back in! :) Later on he admitted that it was one of his favorite classes, heehee. Our instructor said that Bollywood (did he say 'Bhangra'?) dancing is very physically demanding and energetic, and it REALLY IS. There's so much hopping around and doing that weird tip-toe-glide-across-floor that MC Hammer does. It was kind of like dancing musical theatre, which I loved.

The flow of the classes was very nice, because toprock was kinda tiring, and hip hop was a little better because we had to go through choreo kinda slowly, and then Bollywood was WAY tiring, then we went to popping next, which wasn't too physically demanding. It did,  however, demand such a high control of the body and robotic precision that I honestly did not have. I do like popping as a style, but I definitely had the hardest time in this class, especially with the tutting. I'm kind of bad with my arms during dance unless it's really big and showy, like the ones in Bollywood XD

Last class of the day was probably the best to end with: breaking. I hadn't planned on attending it before, but I thought since Jose came into Bollywood with me, I'd do breaking with him. It was the most tiring! Some of the basic moves, especially on the floor, were very similar to capoeira though, so it wasn't too terribly hard for me. Pose, toprock, drop, power move, freeze! XD At the end of the class he actually made us form a circle, and he made us all dance in the middle (not at the same time)! A good number (maybe half) of the class just sat out of it, I decided to stay in, as did Jose. At first I was afraid that only the "good ones" were staying, but I saw some people there who had as much experience as I had (none). It felt good to be controlling my body in those kinds of movements, I basically felt that way when I took capoeira. It's all about being stronger, stretching further in order to make it work, and it feels great.

I really loved taking those dance classes. I do like dancing, but I don't feel like I have enough natural coordination, so I enjoy taking classes and learning moves, committing them to muscle memory. Ever since the class I've been popping my arms XD As much as that class frustrated me, I just like doing the moves, and it'd be pretty sweet if I got'em down.

After classes Jose and I went to UCLA to meet up with Brent before heading out to Westwood and eating at Noodle Planeeeeeettt!! I love that place so much, you have no idea. Especially the garlic beef, which we ordered along with pad thai and pad see-ew. Jose and I were so ridiculously hungry we just kept eating without talking. Before then (which was around 5:30PM) we hadn't eaten since 10AM. We thought to go to Diddy Reese's, this ice cream and cookie place in the same neighborhood, but I guess we didn't just because I've given up dessert foods for Lent. Sigh. I always go to Diddy Reese's after Noodle Planet!

Brent: No, you really gave up desserts? Why??
Jordan: I know, why couldn't I just have given up breathing or something?

Next time!

So that was my day. I really, really enjoyed it all, and I'd love to take more dance classes, or at least learn more from others. When I was little I loved being in my ballet/tap/jazz class, and I think when I hit puberty I hated the idea of me dancing because I was an awkward teenager and crap. People say that how you are as a child is the clearest indicator of how you will be as an adult. During the teenage years you just accumulate hormones and experiences and stuff, but generally you see a person's "purest" form of personality when they're a child, and that may include interests as well.

After all, 15 years later and I'm still obsessing over science and drawing my heart out.

Let's see if I can't get my groove on again ;)


mika said...

"I hit puberty I hated the idea of me dancing because I was an awkward teenager and crap" LOL exactlyyyyy. when i was a child, huh... i was more outgoing. wtf?

Chelsea said...

I can't believe that you got to be at the same studio as ABDC! That's awesome! I really liked the detail you put into each class, they sounded like a ton of work, but really enjoyable. I've never been much of a dancer, but I bet I'd be able to find a class I would like there too. Sounds like it was such a great day, glad you had fun!