Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Weekend

Man, using 'sweet' as a synonym for 'cool' or 'awesome' only makes me think about how many sweets I'm missing out on. I mean, Melissa's going to have a cake ball party on Saturday. CAKE BALL PARTY. This Lent thing is so hard when you give up something you love. But I'm gonna push through it, and I'm going to be awesome, and EVERY CAKE AND ICE CREAM AND COOKIE AND MUFFIN WILL TASTE SWEETER THAN IT EVER HAS EVER

Anyway, I had a pretty sweet (@_@) weekend, so I'm gonna talk about it under the cut!


So on Friday I went with Jose, Brendel, Luis, and Venus to Santa Monica to see the indie film Tokyo!. It was actually three short films in one, and the only thing they really have in common was that they were all set in Tokyo, Japan. My favorite was the last one, Shaking Tokyo, about a hermit, or hikikomori, who slowly finds his way out of the house for the first time in 10 years. My second was the first called Interior Design, directed by Michel Gondry (of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Science of Sleep fame), about a couple who moves to Tokyo to start careers but finds their relationship cracking under the pressure until some radical change goes down. That one and Shaking Tokyo are pretty neck-and-neck to me. The second one, Merde, wasn't that appealing to me, and it certainly felt the longest of the three.

After the movie we actually got to meet Michel Gondry and main actress from his film! But not before they took questions in the theatre. Michel Gondry is so funny XD He signed my poster :D Jose got both of them to sign his, and we wanted all our posters signed but they kept slowly running away from the crowd. Afterward, we dropped off Venus to her home and went back to Torrance to eat at Norm's. Gwen joined us, and then we all went to Luis' to play new songs on Rock Band. I left after 3 songs and went to Kyle's house, where some old friends PJ, Jess and their mom were visiting. I was tired by them, but I hadn't seen them in 4 years so I couldn't just NOT go! We played Family Feud on Jess' computer and ended up leaving at 4AM, damn.

Saturday Kelsey and Alexa came! Yaaay! We went to Auntie Julie's house for her Guitar Hero World Tour party XD I was pretty hyped about it since I love playing Rock Band, and GHWT is nearly the same thing. I kept coaching everyone on how to play each instrument, and they were pretty impressed by my own playing. I got up to Hard on Guitar! Stayed Medium on Drums though. The four of us cousins walked around the neighborhood briefly, then returned for more rockage. I fell asleep around the 5-hour mark(!!) when they finally switched games to Wii Sports. When we got home, FSK (me, Kelsey, Mika, Alexa... no, you don't get to know what FSK stands for ;P) watched Twilight on DVD and fell asleep.

Today was pretty much a free day. Our moms said that we were on our own, but the one time they say that, we had almost no idea what to do! Alexa wanted to go ice-skating, but none of us was feelin' it, and she kind of always wants to go, so we settled for something we all agree on: shopping XD Jose came with us, and we went to Del Amo and then the Galleria. I didn't buy anything, but I had my eyes dead-set on a swanky pair of Creative Recreatiion Dicoco's. Daaaamn. I saw one for $80 bucks, which is pretty good for those shoes, which usually run upwards of $100. For a while after shopping we were frustrated and bored, but we ended up eating out. Mika and Jose got L&L while the rest of us got Chipotle. Mmm :d

So now they're all gone, and the weekend's done, and damn, I've never had to download so many fonts in my life. In some cases I'm only really downloading for how a single letter looks @_@ Typography ftw!

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Chelsea said...

Can we make a font that looks like our own writing? I wouldn't know how to go about it. Lol

My weekend was pretty uneventful. On Saturday I went with my mom to look at a house that we may be renting in Temecula. It has horse property and a chicken house so my mom is like in LOVE with the place. Although she would prefer we don't move.

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. That's so great that you got to meet Michel Gondry! SO COOL!

I hope I come on Saturday, I don't know about Paint Ball because of money stuff with my familyyyyy, but if you go to the cake balls thing, maybe I'll see you!

I actually forgot about your lent. It'll be like a recently recovering Alcoholic going to Beerfest!